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Sunday, November 1, 2009

This year I was visited by a lost tourist (AKA, my son's girlfriend), Princess Aurora, a skeleton, Batgirl, 2 snow whites, a lady bug, Dracula, a storm trooper, a beautiful bride, Dorothy and Toto and a punk emo ( AKA, my MIL). There was a Michael Jackson and a little lion that escaped the camera. We all had fun and after the sugar set in, they all went home.

So after baking all day, I don't have as many pictures of the process. I forgot that part. But the food was good and everyone had a good time.

My Daughter helping to make ghoulish guacamole. That disappeared like the invisible man. There was also bat dropping bean dip. Yummy!

I made 4 different kinds of cookies, brownies and orange rice krispy treats.

They all went into these bags. Sorry, next time I will try to remember to take more pictures.

Half way done, still more to frost.

Pumpkin breads and butter pecan cup cakes. They are just sitting around waiting to become S'more cupcakes and frosted breads.
Bye for now, Brandie

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ranette said...

Looks like a fun time...very cute costumes! The baked goods made my mouth water...yummy!