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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ball Gown

After several months having a temper tantrum, I've decided to come back to blog land. I am coming back with a fresh mind and a new layout. Hoping that after all this time I won't remember what I had my tantrum about.
I feel as if I'm learning something new and you can learn with me. Assuming anyone is still looking for me.

During my absence I have keep my hands busy. I'm just not made to be uncreative. My spirit thrives on the creative process. Whether it be fabric, paint, plants or wood. My hands were not idle. But my mind may not remember all the project or quilts! This is yet another reason to return to blog land. I need a journal to remember and the blog is a good fit for me.

So without more boring nonsense, lets get to the fun stuff, the creative fun stuff.
More often than not, Spring has becoming my dressmaking season. This year I have yet another Gold Nugget Queen in the making. I think I'm getting a reputation! Of course now that I've said that, no one will call me next year.
Anyhow, this year the Queen contestant wanted a fancy ball gown. My first dress, many years ago, was a cobalt blue taffeta ball gown for my cousin.
Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that the last few dresses have been cotton day dresses. I have to say, the cotton is sew much easier to work with. At least it doesn't bother me as much. I'm so afraid of ruining this beautiful taffeta, really I mean the cats. Yes, I still have cats and I love them all, even when they leave fur on all my fabric.
I wanted to document how strange an 1840 bodice pattern is.
There is a split seam down the middle of the bodice. I find that strange compared to todays patterns, which is why I took the picture.
The upside-down W is the front bodice, followed by the side than the back bodice piece. One side.
I layer my bodices with a denim or in this case a duck-cloth. This gives the bodice body (not trying to be funny).
Lovely green taffeta paired with a soft peach piping, pearls and lace. There will be lots of lace!
Very, very fragile antique tulle lace on the sleeve. Accordion pleated chiffon lace at the neckline and sleeve cuffs. All Ebay finds (I'm addicted!).
This last picture is the mock-up of the end result (hopefully).
Layers of lace and antique pearl buttons (Thank You Grandma!).
Lexi, loves it so far and she seems quite pleased. And I've been enjoying the experience, because I love the challenge, even when I complain. It'll keep me young, Right?

Thanks for joining me and listening to my adventures.
Take care,