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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out with the spooky

Yesterday I sent packing away all the Halloween decoration. Why is it that things never go back into their boxes like they came out. When I took out the Halloween decorations, I had 3 totes. Now I have 4. I still left out the pumpkins, as long as they didn't have faces. I only have 2 months a years I get to enjoy them.
I finally put the border on. I sent many hours wondering about what size to make it. I wanted enough to cover me and the pug, she's a blanket hog. I also had only 56" to work with. So I added 11" to the sides and 5 to the top and bottom. That should be more than enough for the pug to share with me.
I absolutely love the border batik. Unfortunately, I found it at my least favorite place, Joann's. I would rather spend my money in a quilt shop than go to a place where they don't seem to care about the customer. I don't know how your Joann's is but ours is terrible. God forbid the customer might get home with an extra 1/2 inch. A couple of years ago, when I vowed not to go back, I bought an Asian silk to make yoga bags. When I got home my yard was only 22" after truing up the sides. When I took it back to show the manager and pointed out that there were stripes on the back that could be used for cutting. Her reply was that they are following company rules. I understand and I try not to need anything there, ever. Sorry for my rant, I needed to get that off my chest. And lets not talk about the lines at the register. Maybe if I didn't remember that there use to be a time when your fabric was cut with some extra. Then I wouldn't be so upset. My friend has said that if you need 36", have they cut you 38". That way you are sure to get the yard you need.
So I have mixed feelings about the border fabric. I do think it's "Brilliant", and I wish I found it somewheres else.
Take care, we'll talk soon, Brandie

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