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Friday, August 1, 2014

Blogger Unfriendly

For the last few months blogger hasn't been working the way we knew and loved. Some of us have became aware that we weren't receiving our comments.
This is how I found out. My good friend Jo private messaged me and said "Hey, none of my messages are getting through to your blog". So I looked and looked, changed a few things in my settings. Googled it and found no answers. I even posted a question on bloggers/goolges forum. No answers. Then I found something that said "awaiting modderation" in the design area of my blog. I clicked on it and lo and behold I had a bunch of messages! But only a few were actually emailed to me after I approved them on the "awaiting modderation" page. Why?
Then I get a private message from Heather and she says, "I have tried commenting on your blog and my email is bumping them back. And I now see that I have comments on my blog but no emails. Hmm, not sure what is up with that!"
(Now I will try to explain all this tech stuff, which I don't understand) So with her help and my Husbands (because I don't know the first thing about computers), we discovered that Yahoo has changed their way of accepting messages. They have improved their spam filter, which is really a great thing for all of us. These safeguards are to keep "spammers/phishers" from saying that they are from Bank of America (example) when they are actually in a coffee shop (example) trying to get into your bank account to spend your hard earned money. All good, but in this new upgrade it interfers with blogger and our comments. Which is where another problem arises. Yahoo is sending back error messages saying that our messages aren't "verified' and that's why we aren't getting them. Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do. It looks as if blogger has to figure out a new way to forward our messages because this is the new and improved way that our email servers will be accepting emails. I may be wrong about all of this but this is what we think is happening. If you have any more ideas or help, we'd all be glad to hear, Assuming your mesaage is posted! Take care, Brandie