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Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Turkey Day

Have you all recovered from "Feasting Day"? I haven't. I'm still sluggish and tired. I had a workout, my little stove had a workout. Do you see this? Every burner is being used and there is no more room in the oven. Every year I am amazed at what we all can handle and I am always grateful when it's over. This year is no exception.I have always thought dinner should be served early. Why? Cause then I only have to make one meal that day. Everyone can fend for themselves for the rest of the day. And the more you make, the more leftovers there are and that means fewer meals on the weekend.
Of course this year my Daughter needs her own leftover too. As a starving student (who no longer lives at home) she is always in need of food.
My Husband likes to take pictures of our massive amounts of goodies. At least he is not taking pictures of us stuffing our faces.
This is a shot before we all gorged ourselves at the buffet line. I'm too embarrassed of the after shots.
This is the only after shot that is acceptable. PugsLee and I curled up under a blanket for a rest. I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as I did.
Back to dieting today (after some pie and persimmon bread, with honey butter).
Take care, Brandie

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