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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Color Challenged?

I didn't get must done yesterday. That morning, I burned three of my fingers. So after several hours in pain, I got down to some work. Remember the redwork pillow? I made my own pattern. Here I am using my old fashioned light box to transfer the pattern to fabric.
Did some very careful stitching, using one hand, not every easy.
Cut up some velvet strips for Christmas gifts.
Thought maybe the pears would hide my worn out couch. Not bad, but needs something else. Maybe I'll quilt some fabric to make new pillows. Maybe even seasonal pillows. Someday I'll be able to afford a new set, till then I need to make do.
I also helped a new cousin fix a very important dress, for a very important day. After Sunday I'll let you in on the secret.
So cousin Linda has said that I'm color challenged. Now she was referring to how I dress. She says she is tired of seeing me in white shirts. She will never be able to change my love for a crisp white shirt, but I do try to add more color into my life because she has made me aware of it. But I have an excuse, the 70's were bad to me. Too much color.
I'm not going to tell you where I'm in this photo, I'm going to make you guess.
Linda you can't guess on line, you'll give it away, But that outfit is horrible! And that's my excuse!
First person (non family or friend, sorry guys) to guess correctly, gets a velvet gift.
You all take care, Brandie

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Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

First guess, upper right in the blue dress. Second guess, that cute little baby on the right. Either way, I say you're on the right!!