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Friday, November 13, 2009

I loved this picture. My husband took this with the color accent setting. I haven't learned to do this yet. A great picture, I love how it just punctuates just the pumpkin color.
Yesterday I was at my cousin Nikki's house. I saw this fabulous pear. I wonder what it would look good with. What would complete it?
I think I might relocate it, to my house.
Gail has her Sunbonnets almost done. She needs to finish quilting it and put on the binding. The girls really stand out. Gail said this is a very simple pattern.
So a couple of years ago, I made my first purchase on E-bay. This is what I bought. I won the bid and paid less than $20. These days you can't even look for under $20.
Anyway, so I was going to turn this antique French red work pillow cover into a gift. So I quilted it up and gave it to cousin Linda, on the stipulation that if we ever fought,I got it back. How naive of me, would you give it back? So I asked to borrow it so I could to take more pictures and draw up the pattern.
By the way, doesn't it look good on my bed?
How about in my chair? OK, I'm done teasing Linda, I'll give her back her pillow.
Take care, Brandie

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