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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Support your local Quilt Shops

I am lucky enough to live close to 2 fabulous quilt shops. Morning Star is right here in my town. After my morning walks, I sometimes visit. They have so many great fabric lines that it is hard to resist. I know they have the new French General fabrics in, that's going to be hard to leave in the shop. I must not be the only one to love these shops, as they have both been awarded in the "top 10". Sometimes I just visit to be entertained by the girls, they are all a crack-up.

Honey Run Quilters is in Chico, about a 30 minute drive from my house. Before MS opened up, we all had to drive to Chico to buy anything quilt related.

This is were I was taught many classes as a new quilter. I learned many things and my eyes were opened to the learn the difference of quality fabric. I haven't regretted starting a new craft, I think I was always a quilter and just didn't know it. Well I know now and have run with it.

I believe it is very important to support our quilt shops. We need them and many of us can give them credit for our skill. So even in these hard economic times, visit as often as you can to keep this craft alive.

Have a great weekend, Brandie

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ranette said...

I bought lots of stuff from the girls at Honey Run Quilters when I was at the Road 2 Cali quilt show a couple of years ago. Nice gals.