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Monday, November 9, 2009

More from my sewing room

Isn't fall the most beautiful time of year? I love the colors, the fruits and the nuts. Does anyone know what these large wooden looking things are? Are they buckeyes? Whatever they are, they're beautiful!
I inherited this machine from my Grandmother. This was one of the first machines I even used. The best thing about it was it still worked when it rained or snowed and there was no power. I still love it, but it is now just a display.

I also have my Grandmother's button collection. This are not all vintage. I actually helped pick some out. Back in the day, there was one store for all our craft needs, Hart's fabric. They had a claw foot bathtub filled with buttons. From the time I was in kindergarten to pre-teen, I pick many a button. These buttons all ended up in her collection, and now in mine.
I found that thread display at an antique store and know just what to use it for. All those wooden spools of thread, also from my Grandmother.
Hey, if you look real close, there's a picture of my daughter and I and my son and PugsLee.

These are the threads I use everyday. I use the Gutermann threads for applique and Superior Threads for quilting and piecing.

A full view of my fabrics. Messy, I can't keep them clean looking when I'm going through them all the time. Now you know how messy it is on a daily basis.
Take care and keep well, Brandie

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