Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Finish

I surprised myself and finished my stars before Tuesday and before the end of the year. I'm feeling pretty happy with myself. 
I'm feeling pretty good about getting rid of those tiny 2 inch squares too. 
It's not fancy but I like it and I think it matches my cobalt glassware pretty good. 
It's a good way to end the year. 

Have a happy New Years Eve and day!
Take care, Brandie

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bye Bye Blues

I'm happy to say that I've meet my goal of using up all those blue squares and finishing the top!
I've been distracted with family and movies but there was a few minutes between distractions to finish the top. 
Also I had time to piece a back with some of the smaller (imperfect) squares. 
I've had the beautiful blue toile (French General) on my shelf for awhile. I debated using it because if I used it I might regret it. It's stupid but that was what was going through my mind. I finally decided to use it, that's why I bought it. 
How I'm going to get a few quilting line through it. I'm not doing anything fancy, just straight line quilting. 

Thanks for stopping by and for all your encouragement. 
Take care, Brandie

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Middle Age

I think I've hit it, middle age that is. 
These last couple of months have been filled with blood work, tests, exams and unmentionables. 
I'm going to try not to bore you with mundane details. I'm just sharing that its new to me and has been good and bad. First with the good. I just heard back that the genetic disease that my brother and mother have, does not effect me! I've been holding my breath for quite awhile waiting to hear about these results. Yesterday I was over joyed to get the news. I even shed a tear or two of joy, just a tear or two. 
And speaking of tears, that's another issue but we are working on this. Lets just say I have now joined the group of daily med users. But it's a good thing so far and I have my fingers crossed that my energy, ambition and strength will return along with my hormones. 
Now for some quilting news. I haven't done much but I have started a project. All others have fallen into a box and have been stacked in a corner. 
But back to the new project. I've set a deadline for next Monday to be finished with a new top. Why Monday? Because I'm determined to have it finished before the end of the year and Monday is my last day. Tuesday I will be going in for a out patient surgery, my first ever. I'm not sure how I'll feel and I think having a beautiful quilt top will cheer me up and make me feel better. 
This quilt is made from leftovers of my cousins wedding quilt. I've have a box of two inch squares taking up too much room in my sewing space and I want them out of my way!
This pattern came from a picture I saw in the "Keepsake Quilting" catalog. I believe it's called "Nantucket". 
I just used those two inch squares and drafted my pattern from there. 
I love it so much I'm going to keep it! It'll be beautiful with all my cobalt glass. I may even redecorate to display it. But we will see how much energy I have in the new year. 

Anyhow, being as this is the day before Christmas, I sincerely wish you all a happy, blessed week and a very happy New Year!

Take care, Brandie