Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Remember this beautiful piece?
Hours after handing the finished dress over to the queen contestant, she frantically called me. 
She ripped off the delicate anitque lace. What to do?!
Besides being frustrated?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Like Riding a Bike

Some people say that even if you haven't ridden a bike in years, you'll never forget. 
I was putting that theory to work. 
All I've done lately is sew clothes. My machine hasn't touched a quilt in months. I'm almost ready to get a quilt to my machine and get started quilting it. But I wanted to make sure I still had my sewing muscles. 
Looks like I haven't forgotten too much. Truthfully this little linen (the size of a placemat) took me three days! There really isn't that much quilting but it still took me three days. 
Thinking up designs, marking them and liking them takes a really long time! Unsewing takes even longer!
But I'm happy with the outcome of this old stained linen. 
Sometimes the backs are prettier than the fronts. 
Not only was I practicing, the fireplace need some spring color. 
As much as I hate fake flowers, this fake bit of spring brightens the house and my spirits. Apparently the cats love them too. I just noticed that some of the leaves have been chewed on. Cats, gotta love them!
 25 years ago my baby girl joined our family. She grew up to be a beautiful, strong willed professional. She's still young and she has the world ahead of her. I love her and wish her the best of everything!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and lots of chocolate!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ball Gown

After several months having a temper tantrum, I've decided to come back to blog land. I am coming back with a fresh mind and a new layout. Hoping that after all this time I won't remember what I had my tantrum about.
I feel as if I'm learning something new and you can learn with me. Assuming anyone is still looking for me.

During my absence I have keep my hands busy. I'm just not made to be uncreative. My spirit thrives on the creative process. Whether it be fabric, paint, plants or wood. My hands were not idle. But my mind may not remember all the project or quilts! This is yet another reason to return to blog land. I need a journal to remember and the blog is a good fit for me.

So without more boring nonsense, lets get to the fun stuff, the creative fun stuff.
More often than not, Spring has becoming my dressmaking season. This year I have yet another Gold Nugget Queen in the making. I think I'm getting a reputation! Of course now that I've said that, no one will call me next year.
Anyhow, this year the Queen contestant wanted a fancy ball gown. My first dress, many years ago, was a cobalt blue taffeta ball gown for my cousin.
Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that the last few dresses have been cotton day dresses. I have to say, the cotton is sew much easier to work with. At least it doesn't bother me as much. I'm so afraid of ruining this beautiful taffeta, really I mean the cats. Yes, I still have cats and I love them all, even when they leave fur on all my fabric.
I wanted to document how strange an 1840 bodice pattern is.
There is a split seam down the middle of the bodice. I find that strange compared to todays patterns, which is why I took the picture.
The upside-down W is the front bodice, followed by the side than the back bodice piece. One side.
I layer my bodices with a denim or in this case a duck-cloth. This gives the bodice body (not trying to be funny).
Lovely green taffeta paired with a soft peach piping, pearls and lace. There will be lots of lace!
Very, very fragile antique tulle lace on the sleeve. Accordion pleated chiffon lace at the neckline and sleeve cuffs. All Ebay finds (I'm addicted!).
This last picture is the mock-up of the end result (hopefully).
Layers of lace and antique pearl buttons (Thank You Grandma!).
Lexi, loves it so far and she seems quite pleased. And I've been enjoying the experience, because I love the challenge, even when I complain. It'll keep me young, Right?

Thanks for joining me and listening to my adventures.
Take care,

Friday, August 1, 2014

Blogger Unfriendly

For the last few months blogger hasn't been working the way we knew and loved. Some of us have became aware that we weren't receiving our comments.
This is how I found out. My good friend Jo private messaged me and said "Hey, none of my messages are getting through to your blog". So I looked and looked, changed a few things in my settings. Googled it and found no answers. I even posted a question on bloggers/goolges forum. No answers. Then I found something that said "awaiting modderation" in the design area of my blog. I clicked on it and lo and behold I had a bunch of messages! But only a few were actually emailed to me after I approved them on the "awaiting modderation" page. Why?
Then I get a private message from Heather and she says, "I have tried commenting on your blog and my email is bumping them back. And I now see that I have comments on my blog but no emails. Hmm, not sure what is up with that!"
(Now I will try to explain all this tech stuff, which I don't understand) So with her help and my Husbands (because I don't know the first thing about computers), we discovered that Yahoo has changed their way of accepting messages. They have improved their spam filter, which is really a great thing for all of us. These safeguards are to keep "spammers/phishers" from saying that they are from Bank of America (example) when they are actually in a coffee shop (example) trying to get into your bank account to spend your hard earned money. All good, but in this new upgrade it interfers with blogger and our comments. Which is where another problem arises. Yahoo is sending back error messages saying that our messages aren't "verified' and that's why we aren't getting them. Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do. It looks as if blogger has to figure out a new way to forward our messages because this is the new and improved way that our email servers will be accepting emails. I may be wrong about all of this but this is what we think is happening. If you have any more ideas or help, we'd all be glad to hear, Assuming your mesaage is posted! Take care, Brandie

Monday, July 28, 2014

Blogger Problems

Am I the only one not receiving my comments? Is there anyone else out there not getting their emails from blogger? If so, did you fix it and how?

Four Equals One

I ended the weekend by finishing all four nestled churn dashes and  connected them as one. 
As I look at the picture, I'm still undecided about those blue centers. I thought I liked them but now I'm thinking they need to be replaced with the red. That will give me something to do today, along with adding borders. 
I appliqu├ęd one of my mistakes down to the middle. I need to make one more wrong block and then add them all around the border. 

Leela has been getting use to her new home. She's a bit shy but I would be too after her horrific adventure. We are positive that she use to be a house cat. Most of the day she hides under the aquarium but she comes running when she hears food hit her bowl. We stopped giving her the expensive moist food. She feels more plump and her coat is looking and feeling great too. Now she just gets the expensive dry food from the vet, which I need to replace with something just as good but less expensive. 
She has some crazy fur. All different lengths, all different colors. I call her a beauty school dropout model. 
I'm hoping to have a bit of "normal" from here on out. Taking care of all these cats cuts into my creative time. Of course having 8 cats in the house alone will probably decrease my sewing space too! I think of the three blind mice song and imagine I will accidentally cut off a kitty tail at some point. Or rock over a tail in the rocking chair. So far the only one to sustain injury is me. My legs and hands have kitty love scratches. They are learning to soft paw but I sometimes get in the way of their playful attacks on each other. It doesn't stop me from loving them!

Wishing you a happy Monday!
Take care, Brandie