Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Bright

I must have used up all my energy on my weekend projects because I just didn't feel up to much yesterday.
All I have it one block. Now maybe that's because these blocks aren't as easy as nine patches. Maybe that, or I'm just lazy.
This star will go with those black 9-patches. It'll be a Halloween quilt when it grows up.
Some here you go, proof of my laziness.

Take care, Brandie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Report

 What a weekend! I think I may have finally caught up on my sleep.
First, I finished the "B' side of my Jubilee quilt. Not only that but I started the "C" side too. How did I manage to do that?! Well Maximus has taken Dorian under his wing and has decided that Dorian is his project. They play together and even sleep together. I think Dorian is learning may things from Max, but he still has some learning to do
 I even worked on a few blocks. All the while a kitten was running across my feet and stopping to bite a toe or two before running the other way. I have a feeling that this will be the norm for a while.
 As you can see, Dorian is not afraid of Max in the slightest. In fact Dorian is the instigator and I usually have to separate Dorian from Max. Maximus is such a good boy! He takes it and only gets upset he Dorian bites his face. Can't say I blame him, those vampire teeth hurt!
 Dorian likes to hide out in his "bed" and attack form above. He doesn't play fair at all. But I believe Max will teach him the ropes before too long.
The poor dogs have lost this bed to Dorian. This used to be where Max would crawl under the blanket to get warm. Well not any more. Dorian has claimed it. He tries to take up as much space as possible. He acts like an only child!
But he learned to use the litter box and so I can't say I don't love him. He is a smart little devil! Now he just needs to give up the bottle. He stands there and watches the dogs eat and drink and it's like you can see him thinking about it, but every time I give him a bowl of milk he ignores it. He just wants that bottle! But I'll keep trying, he'll get it soon enough.

Things are finally settling down and getting back to normal (I hope). I may have a house full but I do laugh a lot, so I'm not complaining.

Take care, Brandie

Friday, July 27, 2012

Four Weeks!

 After an hour of introductions, both Maximus and Dorian needed a nap. And where better than the dog bed.
The look on poor Max's face is priceless. He looks as if he knows there is a monster behind him but he's doing his best to ignore it.
 Until that monster touched him!
Dorian has made himself right at home and Max is really not sure what to think of him. Max does not understand this need to roll around on the floor and pock with his toes.
 Dorian receives daily kisses and raspberries on his tummy, which don't work, but he likes the warm air on his tummy.
 There was also an introduction between Myrtle the turtle and Dorian.  Myrtle seems very interested in his tail.

After a weigh-in this morning, I thought the scale was broken because all I saw was 3 1/3 ounces. Finally I saw that there was a 1 in front of that. Good job Dorian! Four more weeks and I can breathe easier and not worry as much about him.
We are going to try to celebrate with some solid food later today, but so far he doesn't seem at all interested. He still wants to be a baby and use his bottle. You would think with two extra hands he could hold it for himself!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you all next week!
Take care, Brandie

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black 9's

Yesterday Gail and I tried to sew. With a few distractions, I managed to make 21 nine-patch blocks! Yup, all in one day!

Things made be changing around here yet again. Uncle Maximus is coming back home. He moved to the coast with his Mommy the day after we found Dorian. His Mommy is bringing him back to stay while she moves things around.
This will be an interesting mix. Max was super interested in Dorian and even seemed maternal. I hope he feels the same way when he gets here. But on the up side, Dorian is more his age and may play with him, unlike elderly PugsLee.
I just hope things settle back to normal soon. I miss my sewing machine.

Take care, Brandie

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 I had a request for a "pretty" bag. I started it last week. Something that shouldn't have taken more than an afternoon actually took me a week to finish. We all know who's fault that is.
 It took me a day to come up with the pattern. Two days to cut out fabrics. Another day to  cut the pellon and batting.
 And only about an hour to sew it all together.
See that inside pocket, that was a mis-cut from the outside. You've never done that right?
 Part of the day was spent on the couch with Dorian and a book.
 I read, he sleeps.
But at some point in the afternoon he went off exploring and I also went to explore my sewing room. I got involved and went looking for him after a while.
I called and looked under all the furniture. Guess where I found him? His box. He has had a bankers box from  day one and that's where he sleeps at night. Sometimes during the day, but most of the time I'm his bed.
He learned how to crawl out of his box yesterday and apparently how to get back in.
He was crawled up in the corner of his box under a towel, fast asleep. He stayed asleep long enough for me to finish the bag.

I'm seeing a change and I like it. He's becoming more independent. It's amazing how fast he is growing. 25 days old and yet so small.
After a heavy day of playing, with that dotted ball, his new favorite toy. He just conked, right on the dirty rug. Blissful!

Take care, Brandie

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Good Morning! We've been up since 5 am. We don't want to sleep. We want to play. We want to explore and get into the trash can. Hide beside it and wait for Mom or weird sister to walk past so I can get them. (translation: coffee table lookout)
 We want to get that swimmy thing.
 We are going to keep watch over that swimmy thing and hope it comes out so we can play.
We are pretending we are asleep, but only for ten minutes. This is what Mom likes best, I can tell because she sleeps with me. In fact she seems to sleep more than I do. She's kind of boring so I bit her to show her my new teeth. Oh goody! Now she's awake, lets play!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Neck Roll

Just a quick check in.
Every time I think I have Dorian's schedule figured out, he changes it.

This weekend he found a new sleeping place, my neck. I'm sure you can figure out how much I got done being pinned down with a kitten scarf.

The only time I have to myself is when he's awake and exploring. Which also involves baby proofing the house.

Soon we hope he can get on and off the couch by himself and not cry whenever I'm not near him.

It's a wonderful feeling to be needed again, but not when it gets in the way of bathroom breaks and showers!

Here it is, my new scarf. Ignore my lack of makeup, I haven't had time for that either, just be glad I at least got a shower!

Take care, Brandie

Friday, July 20, 2012

Three Weeks!

 Guess who's three weeks old today? Bet you can't guess?
Or Maybe you can guess, Mr. Gray!
This little guy is getting so big! (and so are those eye boogers)
 He is really a good kitty. He sleeps  and eats and poops, but he also cuddles and plays. Yesterday he discovered his shadow and spent awhile pouching on it. Well kind of a pounce and a roll, but he was trying.
He sat on the scale today and can you believe this little chunk is now 14  1/4 ounces! He's a good eater.
It's not the best picture but you can see that at one time he fit in the palm of my hand, with room. Now with his butt at the tips of my fingers, his neck reaches over my wrist. If I turn him on his tummy, it all hangs over!
He just sits there. He seems to be fine with the man-handling. He's a keeper!

Next week we'll have a party, complete with food and you're all invited! Just RSVP and let me know if you prefer moist or dried food.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pink Toes

The little man finally fell asleep!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 Showing off his cleaning skills.
This is all I have today.
Dorian spent all of yesterday in my lap taking 15 minutes naps. All day!
I haven't spent a day like this in over 20 years.
If he wasn't so darn cute, I'd be grumpy right now with the lack of sleep. But I'm not, I'm still giggling at his antics.
In fact as I type, he is sitting on my lap and watching my hands. I think he's trying to figure out how to attack them.

Don't you think he needs a kitty appropriate towel? I'll have to find him one, assuming I ever leave the house again!

Take care, Brandie

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garden Produce

 Dorian really enjoys his breakfast! There is nothing better than morning light and a warm bottle.
We had a long night. Some furry someone, decided to play during the night. I'll need a cat nap this afternoon!

While watering, I notice the most amazing thing, a TOMATO!
 I started jumping up and down and yelling at the house. "I have a tomato!" No one but the dog was listen and that just made him more interested in what I was excited about. He wasn't as excited as I was,  as it wasn't a bone growing.
 Then I noticed that I have one bloom on my zucchini. Hopefully that means I'll have at least one grow. If I don't grow at least one zucchini, I really failed as a gardener.
My celery has started to sprout. All I did was take a store purchased celery, use it up and plant the root end.
And garlic! Now I can keep the vampires away (except for Eric).

Assuming all my plants continue to grow, I'll have some yummy salsa!

Take care, Brandie

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Kittens Day

 This is how Dorian starts his day. A warm bottle and a snuggle.
 Then he has a bit of exercise. He tries to get farther every day. Little does he know that his BIG sister is watching his every step.
 When he feels a little lost he yells "Mom!"
 Then it's time for one of many naps.
 Then he eats some more.
Then it's more cuddles and tummy rubs.
Repeat this process about 20 time a day, and now you'll see why I don't get anything done!

Friday afternoon, Dorian went to see the vet for his lack of emissions.
He was a brave little boy and let them do unspeakable things to his behind!
He was weighed (8.5 ounces) and checked over. He was given a clean bill of health and expected back in 6 weeks for his first shots.
After all that excitement, he came home, had a bottle, and sleep in my lap till bedtime.

Saturday I went to my cousins bridal shower, I had gone early to help set up. Hubby was is charge of babysitting. All was going well to till I called to check in and Hubby was afraid he was doing something wrong because Dorian wasn't taking the bottle from him and he was crying. So I came home and picked Dorian up and he came to the shower with me.
He had a great time being the center of attention (not my intention, but some people are so nosy!)
Soon our corner was crowded with people all wanting to see a two week old kitten.
After several pets and rubs and some threats of kidnapping, he settled into his box and went to sleep.
But he had a great time and would like to be invited to more parties.

My shams were perfect. My cousin loved them (if that's what the tears meant) she said. I'm thinking that they sent her over the edge because she is so shy and not used to the limelight or raunchy lingerie, that when she opened the box she was just glad to see something that she know what it was and didn't have to ask which was the top or bottom or how it worked.
The "not tonight" pillow was a laugh and that didn't even faze her. Again I think after all that raunchy lingerie, this was pretty tame.
My SIL said she thought I should make one where both sides said "not tonight" for the next wedding.

After all the excitement of the shower, Sunday was pretty slow and lazy. Most of the day was spent on the couch watching movies and cuddling with Dorian.
One of these days I figure out his schedule, beyond eating every three hours, and fit some sewing in. Maybe

Take care, Brandie

Friday, July 13, 2012

Two Weeks Old

 Dorian is two weeks old today!
 The one picture I have to show that he isn't all gray. There is a tiny dot of white in his adams apple area.
 This a playtime pose. He rolls onto his back and kicks his feet at me. Sometimes he grabs my finger and bites it. It's all a bit of fun and games for him.
He fell asleep like this last night. He played so hard he put himself to sleep.
Still no results from his new formula, but we are still hoping. He may have to go into see the vet. They'll let me know when I call them from an update.  Keep your fingers crossed!

In the sewing world, I finally finished a dress for a friend of mine. A couple of years ago, she entrusted me with some of her Mother's favorite Saris. I've been afraid to cut into them and ruin the fabric. But then I thought why not repurpose them into a summer dress?
 So cut into it I did. And of course I forgot to take a before picture, but the picture below is as close to what this summer dress was before, just a different color.
Both of these special outfits have fancy beading. They have a weight to the edge which helps them hang well.
They are both so beautiful I've spent years being afraid of them. But I will see this friend this weekend at my cousin's Shower and I wanted to surprise her.
Do you think I'll surprise her? At least in a good way?

Have a great weekend and keep cool!
I'll be back next week to update you on Dorian and the Shower.

Take care, Brandie

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Burping Dorian

Well whatever was upsetting Dorian the day before, seems to have passed. Unfortunately there was still no passing. But he eats and he leaks so that a start.
He likes to play and bite, drawing my finger to his mouth and attacking it. Just like an adult cat.
So keep your fingers crossed that the new formula will help and there will be some discharge soon!

P.S I hope you aren't reading this while eating. If so, my apologies!

Take care, Brandie

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What a Sham

 Many are asking for photos and daily updates on Dorian. I'll do my best with pictures but he's hard to photograph. We have more pictures of his sides then we do of his sweet face. He doesn't stay still for long.
Yesterday he didn't eat as much as he has been. He's fighting the bottle and sneezing up milk through his nose. Hopefully he'll continue to thrive.
He still has issues with... well issuing. After several YouTube videos, I hope we can fix that problem. Yesterday afternoon, he spent most of the day eating a bit, sleeping a bit and chewing on my finger.
It's really like having a human newborn again! I was tied to that couch with a baby on my lap all day. Thank goodness I could reach my iphone and answer emails and watch kitten videos.
I also completed just one hexie.
But I finally finished off...
 My cousins shams! Everyday I would do a little bit. One line at a time and I finally finished them.
Her Bridal Shower is Saturday and I thought I'd give them to her then, kind of a teaser till she gets the quilt.
I laid the pillows on the quilt to take the pictures. They play nicely together.
Then I thought, I'll take it to the next level. So I started another pillow to match everything else. Then I had second thoughts and called BFF to ask her opinion.
She told me that everyone expects these kind of things from me and to do it.
So if anyone asks, BFF made me do it!

If I've gone to far with my little pillow, she can remove the buttons and still have a family heirloom. The buttons that is. I'm sharing the wealth and sharing Grandmother's buttons.
I plan on making the whole family something from those buttons, someday.
And the funny thing is, I still can't tell I used any blue buttons. The jar is still just a full as when I started, sigh.

Till later...