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Monday, November 2, 2009

It all started with towels...

This summer, I decided to buy new towels. I thought I would just find some more green towels to match the bathroom. Well, those are famous last words.
I never found the right color or any color that would look good with this minty green. What I did find was a couple of beautiful turquoise and brown towels at TJ Maxx. What does that mean?

That it is time to repaint the bathroom. What color? How about turquoise. Linden to be exact, from Lowes, Valspar signature colors. Then in my closet, I found a cross stitch picture that I had forgoten I had made and what do you know, it matches perfectly.

After this much color, I thought it need more brown accents, hence the candlesticks and candles.

This little shelf on the way out of the room.

Another pumpkin, on your way into the room.
I still haven't found all the right accessories, but I will keep looking, and boosting the economy. You all take care, we'll talk later, Brandie

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