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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another beautiful day in Paradise

The trees are dropping their leaves and making a gorgeous golden carpet. The whole house is covered in a yellow haze. Fall is here! My favorite time of year. The weather has been perfect these last couple of days.
This pyracantha has an abundance of berries. They seem to be looking skyward. Not my favorite plant, but it sure looks great now. Most be all the pruning I did to it this spring, I actually thought I got rid of it. Maybe next spring, or not, as long as those nasty stickers stay away from me.

Yesterday I worked on my pears. I added a small bit of sashing. As I was working on it,I thought it need a little color. So I went to my stash and cut 1x1 colored squares as corner stones. Crazy? Maybe, but I think it looks good, and that's what counts.

Can you see the bits of color? They will tie in with the border.

Hanging on the wall waiting for the borders. I just have to decide how wide and all that. So far this has been the hard part. At the moment it is 44x73. An odd size, so I'm rethinking it all.
Well this is what I will be working on today, what are you working on?
We'll talk soon, Brandie

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