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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harvest time

I'm lucky to know people who have gardens and fruit trees. My yard doesn't get enough sun for a garden and if I did have a small potted yard, that could move with my sun exposure, the deer would eat it, and have. So I have given up. But I have resources. My friend Gail brings my a care package every week. Lately it has been apples, butternut squash and pumpkins ( in the summer, you should see the great tomatoes!). Those apples make the best homemade applesauce, I'll make you some later, I promise.
Then there is my Aunt, she now lives at her childhood (and mine) home. So she gets to reap Grandmother's harvest. My Grandmother had many fruit trees. The biggest being the persimmon that covers the front of the house. So every year about this time, I go over there and harvest persimmons, for cookies and bread, YUM!
Just an interesting view at the homestead. Can you see the rock wall? My Grandfather built that and many others.
Do you know what these are? Pomegranates! I begged a couple of these too. Lucky me!
Just a few persimmons. They aren't quite ripe yet, but you have to pick them before the birds get them.
This is how I ripen them up. In my kitchen window. By Thanksgiving, I should have enough ripe ones to make breads.
Aren't they gorgeous? The colors are so inviting. I probably wouldn't eat them if they were mud colored. Would you?
Have a great weekend!

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ranette said...

Oh yummy!!! Love the colors, but don't think I've ever eaten a persimmon. Are they like a nectarine?