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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little color

This is an older quilt. I finished this about 3 years ago. I bought the hand dyes just for this project. I went through this period of black quilts. Little did I know then how these quilts would attract every hair and piece of lint in the house. I'm really pleased with this quilt. I don't know why I put it on the shelf and was embarrassed of it. I thought there was some glaring mistake, but I can't find it. Are you all that hard on yourselves? I like it so much now, I want everyone to see it.
Not much in the way of quilting went on yesterday. Just some stitching in the ditch, on the pears. PugsLee felt that I have been neglecting her lately. So we sent some quality time together. She sure does love her bathe time. She could sit in there for hours. She was such a good little girl.

Now she's ready to get out. It's time for a Greenie, her favorite treat. She has one everyday at 4:30. She know the time too. She'll go over to her treats and stare and whine till someone looks at her and gets her one. She can almost say "I want one". At least that what we hear.
In 2 days, she will be 10 years old. What a sweetheart.
Take care, Brandie


Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

Brandie - I used to have a pug too - named Pugsley! She would shed like crazy! You should take your PugsLee to Pug Sunday some time. It's a lot of fun. Love the black quilt. No, I can't see a mistake and that's why I've learned to get over little "things" in my quilts. I go back later and can't for the life of me find what initially bothered me. So, you are now a liberated quilter!

ranette said...

Must have been bath day for the four legged members of families husband bathed our Schnauzer, Baron and I bathed my Pom, Shia. We tried to catch the cat, but thought better of it when her eyes started bugging out of her

I think your quilt is wonderful!