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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

May all your tricks be fun and treats sweet! Have a Happy day!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have another idea in my head and I found the most loveliest of lovely fabrics to use. These fabrics beg to be touched. And when touched they cause drooling. Unfortunately, I can not let you get any closer than you are for fear of drool and germs.
I have myself a little box of jewels. Nice some velvety jewels. All I can say is that I may be creating a dog free quilt. Because we all know about dog drool. This quilt may be off limits to poor PugsLee.
If all goes to plan, I may even use this dupioni silk as a background. I'm going to break all the rules. And I may even use wool in it too. I said I wasn't going to start collecting new fabrics, but I was inspired by another blog (Material Obsession) and there is no looking back. I'm like a woman possessed.
Oh to have more time in the day! I want to do it all.

Take care, Brandie

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Thank you all who stopped by to look at my Ghastly project. All your nice comments have gone straight to my head and I feel as big as a house, kind of like Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make an extra as agive away for one of you Wonderful readers.
I hope to get to all your comment soon.

Cherise from Annie's blog won yesterdays give away. But keep it up and go and visit all the other participating blogs for more chances to win.

Several of you had asked where I got the embroidery pattern. I just took a piece of the Ghastly fabric to the window and I copied the haunted house onto a piece of paper. Than I took that paper to the the copier and enlarged it. Next I took some marbled orange fabric in almost the same color and copied the paper to the fabric.
Then I stitched away. For the roof tiles, trees and window panes, I just used my permanent marker to draw them in.
There you have it, easy-peasy.

Hey, did you notice my Ghastly Inn sign? Does it remind you of another ghastly hotel? Perhaps a tower in England? With a tall owner? An incompetent waiter?

Now how about a little retail therapy?
While at the Show, I managed to do a little shopping. I said I needed some cheddar and I got some! A reproduction. It looks a little dark, but I'm happy with it. I saw it used in a quilt and it didn't look so dark so maybe it just looks dark because there is so much of it. How much? I bought two yards. And I plan to buy more cheddars so let me know if you have a favorite, please!
Also in this pile is a few yellows for my Golden Chain tree. That corral color, well just because it was pretty.

Then I went to the antique vendor and found this beautiful tablecloth. I'm going to turn it into another whole cloth quilt. Just layer it and quilt it up.
Last, but not least, were these gorgeous fall plaids. I keep walking by and drooling. I finally stopped and bought them. I feel a little guilty about these because there are no plans for them. But I didn't let that stop me! And they look so beautiful with that cheddar. Like a grilled cheese sandwich, warm and wholesome!
I will try to make this my last post about the Quilt Show. I thought these were important pictures to post. These are the winners of our ballots.

First up we have Phyllis Cullen's "Treetop Pair", that won "Best Art Quilt".
This is my favorite and I was really glad to come back and see a ribbon on it. This is Ester Abshier's " Mariners in a Pickle". This huge quilt won "Best Large Quilt". She said on her information that this was a challenge to finish, but she keep up on it and is now glad she did.
Marilyn Graesser's "Stars for A". This was "Viewers Choice".
Sally Jo Smith Won "Best use of Color" for her "Flower Basket Medallion". Seeing two of these in the Show has maybe encouraged me to finish mine.
And my friend Jozette Rutherford Won the "Best Small Quilt" for her "Mystical Manzanita".
All these winners came as no surprise. No that doesn't mean I rigged the winnings. These were just the quilts I would have picked.
Sally Jo is a genius when it comes to color. Phyllis is one of our best art quilters. Marilyn is a perfect piecer. Jozette is a master appliqué and one of my favorite teachers. And come on, Esther's quilt is Fantastic!

Ok if you are still with me, here is todays list of Ghastlies.
Have fun and good Luck!

Take care, Brandie

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghastly Blog Hop

So sorry everyone, here I am, a little late but I made it finally. Here it is, the best thing in blogging this month The Ghastly Blog Hop. I see that several of you are waiting to see my creation. It isn't much but here we go...
A lovely orange quilt for PugsLee and I to cuddle under on cool nights.
When I saw this orange Ghastly print from Quilt Taffy, I knew I had to have it. I just didn't know how much I needed and so I made a miscalculation and I'll now show how I fixed that.
Here you go, an embroidered middle block. Keep that in mind when you run out of fabric. Or just do like some of my friends. If they see a fabric they like, they but three yards and end up with scraps.
I just didn't realize how much was going on in this fabric and didn't know where to cut it to get the full story. But now I know one yard is never enough!

The coven of witches is still my favorite. Maybe because I feel a kindred spirit from them?
And that tree fabric, you can't have enough of that, it's amazing!

Go check out the others who are posting today (as if you hadn't been there already).

There you have it, a Ghastly Day. Go and enjoy and be inspired!

Take care, Brandie

Monday, October 24, 2011


At this moment I get to sit at home, on my couch, and just chi-ax. I can't remember when I've bee so tired! I've been feeling so guilty that all the committees have been doing stuff and all I was doing was arranging meetings and conducting.
I found out how exhausting my job really was this weekend. Straight off the bat let me say, I'm flipping glad the Show is over!
I've learned how important good shoes are, even my toe nails hurt.
I've found that this job meant camera time, some of that I delegated away, like when a camera crew came in. I just about wet my self! Me? Talk on the news! No way! So I found me a couple of flies ( said the spider) and put them to work. Hehehehe
Now got a few more pictures...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quilt Show

One of the perks of being the co-head of a quilt show, is that you have access before everyone else.
So quickly, I'll show a few favorites.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Set Up

What a day! We had a bunch of people helping to set up the Quilt Show. From our member to Rugby girls.
The build that holds the Show is a "U" shaped,20 thousand square building. It took most of the day, but we have every quilt hung and all the vendors unpacked.
What a day! First thing I did upon arriving home, take a bath and run my feet.
So I'm off to bed, soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This is a test

Testing to see if this mobile app will allow me to blog away from home.

Woot! It works!
Now you'll be seeing some of the show. I feel so proud of myself, kind of like a grown up.

Postman Pat

The mailman has been good to us this week. First I received my win form Barb. I was so surprised! And so happy! I won this beautiful panel.
A couple of years ago I looked all over for this panel. Than I forget, I was probably distracted by Christmas.
So that brings me to a question. I'm going to be needing to invest in some cheddar fabrics. Any suggestions?
Also in the box, Barb sent along these two Halloween patterns, a fall note pad and an Annalee doll. All perfect for the fall season! Thank you Barb!
The second package actually came for my Daughter.
Here she is with her paralegal diploma. She has been working hard on this course, also while working full time in a lawyers office. I am so proud of her! Except this is the reason for her move. I keep my fingers crossed that a local position will make it's way available to her.
And this is her silly Wallace and Gromit smile.

If you are in Chico this weekend, come on by the Quilt Show, held at the fairgrounds. Look for me in my pumpkin spice shoes and say "Hello".
I promise, the show will be worth it.
I'll try to take as many pictures as I can. I probably won't be back till Monday. So until then,

Take care, Brandie

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Green Finish

Between projects, I managed to complete the top of the green quilt (really need to come up with a better name). I had an idea in my head and again it seems to work. Here is is with two new sides.
One thing that will not work, leaves on the tree. What was I thinking? Does this quilt really need more green?! So now the new idea is a flowering tree, like a golden chain tree. I think that's what I mean. My MIL has one, a yellow flowering tree that looks like a weeping willow.
So that's the new plan, add more color in the form of a flowering tree. What do you think? Any tree suggests?

Oh and look at my great weekend find. Wonder Woman headphone to go with my skinned Ipod. Not that I'll use them, ear buds hurt my ears, but cool none the less. Ok, maybe just to me...
And I wanted to share with you this seasons hottest shoes (is it even cool to say hot?) and again this may only be me. Pumpkin spice Converse, that's the name I call them, much better than their name, rust. These will be my October to November fashion statement.
This weekend is our Quilt Show. I needed a comfy pair of shoes for the days of work ahead. I've been told I won't get to sit to often. I may be sneaking into the bathroom just to sit down! Also these shoes will help identify me. I'll be found easier with a flashy pair hooves.

Upon returning home with a few bags of goodies, this is the look I received from PugsLee.
Can you see the excitement in her eyes? This was a "is there any leftovers for me" look.
No... poor girl, she had to resort to chewing her lip.
Actually, there were fries in a pocket and she knew it, so don't call animal protective services on me. She received a treat and we all went to bed happy.

Till next time...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Wings

I thought that the right side of the quilt was a little sparse, so I added a new friend. Dragonflies are one of my favorite things and I haven't put one on a quilt is quite a while. There was a time when every quilt had a bug. Another favorite is a spider and a web, but I don't think that would be appropriate on this quilt. But a damselfly is perfect, in my opinion.
Darn the light! I can't seem to get a good picture of the colors. Before the block was added to the rest of the quilt.
I then took the quilt outside and laid it on the car, where there was still a bit of sun overhead. Still not a true representation of the colors.
All day I've been thinking of another element to this quilt. Tomorrow I will try to see if it's something that will work.
So far these batiks have been working well together. Surprisingly after being in a basket for years there was very few wrinkles and no fraying. Don't you just love batiks!

I stopped for the day because I just started to fight the blocks. Right around the damselfly, the blocks are not matching up. I guess that's good if I only just now came to a problem. So a little work and measuring is going to be required before I go on.
After a (hopefully) good nights sleep, I'll dive in and try to complete the top, tomorrow.

Have a happy evening!
Take care, Brandie

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Things

So far so good. I haven't achieved too much, but I'm happy with the look, so far. Now hopefully as it grows I don't ruin it. Still a lot of greens. Unfortunately the greens just do not show their true colors on the camera. Just so you know, the light greens are a celadon color that I adore. Then they just go crazy from there. All greens are included, from lime to forest.
I am partial to green. I always give Thanks for the color green. There are more colors of green in nature then I can count. Even my green stash is larger than any other color in my stash.
I'm in constant amazement at what I see in nature.
Just this afternoon, there was a spot of sun shining down on a lovely fern in the fairy garden. I ran back inside for the camera to try to catch it. Just look at this lovely fern getting a sun tan, soaking up the sun, letting it dry the rain. How lush and happy it looks.
One thing I can't live without, the color green. It makes me happy!
What else makes me happy? The smell of fall. What is the smell of fall? Apples, spices, yeast, fireplaces and even mud. But specially spices. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. Mix in leftover apples and cook for 10 plus hours, equal apple butter. YUM!
I may have finally duplicated my Grandmother's recipe. Over the years I lived with her, I finished all the apple butter she had in her basement. I loved the stuff! To my utter dismay, she didn't make me a lifetime supply! And unfortunately she didn't leave a recipe. I suffered through years of store bought apple butter. Very disappointing. Not spicy enough! Than I found a replacement at our local orchard, but it became a challenge! I had to reproduce my Grandmother's recipe. Now I think I've done it, or at least a close second. But I'm happy with it and happy with myself for completing the challenge. My Grandmother live on in these little jars, with each bite.

Now back to the greens...

Take care, Brandie

Monday, October 10, 2011

Green Day 2

Those green fabric have now turned into green block strips. I've spent as much time as I could this weekend, cutting, sewing and cutting again. I now have lots and lots of strips. Next I need to add these to the blocks and turn those blocks into a quilt top.
I also worked on another block to add to Flora's quilt. Because I'm just making it up as I go, this may take longer.
There are now a small colony of koi who live in Flora's pond.
I'm super happy with the koi. They still need work, but I'm thinking that up as I go too. I figured when I get to the quilting part, I'll add scales with metallic thread. And bubbles. I must have bubbles.

It's not your imagination, their tail fins are 3-dimensional. I don't know what they fabric is, but it feels a bit like a cotton but with lots of shimmer.
I feel a bit proud of myself. I put this quilt away because of the koi. I had the picture in my mind and I couldn't draw a koi, or thought I couldn't. I siced myself out and keep Flora in the UFO basket for about three years.
Then this weekend I sat down and just did it. Really not too hard. (Just don't tell me they aren't proportional or something)
So someday soon, I hope to turn these blocks into a very green quilt. Fun how the mind come up with things or how we under estimate ourselves. But who knows, this could be the ugliest quilt ever. I mean it, look at all those greens, what was I thinking?

My goal this year (yes I know this is October) is to finish as many of those UFOs as possible. When I made the UFO list last year, there were 20 UFOs to finish. I am now on my tenth. So I'm a little behind, but while the juice is still flowing, I'll continue to finish as many as I can. And sure I've added at least 6 more to the basket, I'm just more motivated at this moment. Maybe it's the cooler weather? Whatever it is, I'm going with it and I wish you all the same.

Take care, Brandie