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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Bright

I must have used up all my energy on my weekend projects because I just didn't feel up to much yesterday.
All I have it one block. Now maybe that's because these blocks aren't as easy as nine patches. Maybe that, or I'm just lazy.
This star will go with those black 9-patches. It'll be a Halloween quilt when it grows up.
Some here you go, proof of my laziness.

Take care, Brandie


sunny said...

You blew it! If you'd added a Dorian picture to your post, everyone would be oohing and ahhing, and not even notice what a slacker you are. LOL! We all know how busy you've been with your newborn, and your particular newborn has really been a handful - literally! Ease up on yourself, girl!

Hitchhiker42 said...

Cool, I like the warm shades. Show us what orange and pumpkin coloured fabrics you have! BTW, the Paisleys are nice, like that one grey triangle on the right there.

Robin said...

That looks like it's gonna be awesome. I can understand not having the energy to take and upload new Dorian pics. I'm having the same case of the blahs. I have so much to do and I'm just SITTING here, LOL!

Carla said...

Perhaps your jubilee quilt zapped your energy? Lovely block.