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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What a Sham

 Many are asking for photos and daily updates on Dorian. I'll do my best with pictures but he's hard to photograph. We have more pictures of his sides then we do of his sweet face. He doesn't stay still for long.
Yesterday he didn't eat as much as he has been. He's fighting the bottle and sneezing up milk through his nose. Hopefully he'll continue to thrive.
He still has issues with... well issuing. After several YouTube videos, I hope we can fix that problem. Yesterday afternoon, he spent most of the day eating a bit, sleeping a bit and chewing on my finger.
It's really like having a human newborn again! I was tied to that couch with a baby on my lap all day. Thank goodness I could reach my iphone and answer emails and watch kitten videos.
I also completed just one hexie.
But I finally finished off...
 My cousins shams! Everyday I would do a little bit. One line at a time and I finally finished them.
Her Bridal Shower is Saturday and I thought I'd give them to her then, kind of a teaser till she gets the quilt.
I laid the pillows on the quilt to take the pictures. They play nicely together.
Then I thought, I'll take it to the next level. So I started another pillow to match everything else. Then I had second thoughts and called BFF to ask her opinion.
She told me that everyone expects these kind of things from me and to do it.
So if anyone asks, BFF made me do it!

If I've gone to far with my little pillow, she can remove the buttons and still have a family heirloom. The buttons that is. I'm sharing the wealth and sharing Grandmother's buttons.
I plan on making the whole family something from those buttons, someday.
And the funny thing is, I still can't tell I used any blue buttons. The jar is still just a full as when I started, sigh.

Till later...


Robin said...

Those pillows are adorable. I think they're hilarious and not 'going too far'!

Please keep us posted about Dorian. I'm hooked!

Anonymous said...

Love your shams. I am making some for a couple getting married soon. I need a good "L" for a monogram. Beautiful work. good luck with the kitten.


Esther said...

Very clever! And funny too. Thanks also for the kitty updates

Donna T said...

Thank you for updating us on Dorian! My husband said he never thought Dorian would not make it! He is thriving now! Your cousin will love the pillows; very clever!

Heather said...

Love the shams and the little pillow is good for a giggle. I bet it is the hit of the shower!

Carla said...

Very cute pillow! I hope she keeps it just the way it is : )

Synthia said...

Very clever!! I love it.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, dorian has finally opened his eyes. so cute.
love the pillows.