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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Kittens Day

 This is how Dorian starts his day. A warm bottle and a snuggle.
 Then he has a bit of exercise. He tries to get farther every day. Little does he know that his BIG sister is watching his every step.
 When he feels a little lost he yells "Mom!"
 Then it's time for one of many naps.
 Then he eats some more.
Then it's more cuddles and tummy rubs.
Repeat this process about 20 time a day, and now you'll see why I don't get anything done!

Friday afternoon, Dorian went to see the vet for his lack of emissions.
He was a brave little boy and let them do unspeakable things to his behind!
He was weighed (8.5 ounces) and checked over. He was given a clean bill of health and expected back in 6 weeks for his first shots.
After all that excitement, he came home, had a bottle, and sleep in my lap till bedtime.

Saturday I went to my cousins bridal shower, I had gone early to help set up. Hubby was is charge of babysitting. All was going well to till I called to check in and Hubby was afraid he was doing something wrong because Dorian wasn't taking the bottle from him and he was crying. So I came home and picked Dorian up and he came to the shower with me.
He had a great time being the center of attention (not my intention, but some people are so nosy!)
Soon our corner was crowded with people all wanting to see a two week old kitten.
After several pets and rubs and some threats of kidnapping, he settled into his box and went to sleep.
But he had a great time and would like to be invited to more parties.

My shams were perfect. My cousin loved them (if that's what the tears meant) she said. I'm thinking that they sent her over the edge because she is so shy and not used to the limelight or raunchy lingerie, that when she opened the box she was just glad to see something that she know what it was and didn't have to ask which was the top or bottom or how it worked.
The "not tonight" pillow was a laugh and that didn't even faze her. Again I think after all that raunchy lingerie, this was pretty tame.
My SIL said she thought I should make one where both sides said "not tonight" for the next wedding.

After all the excitement of the shower, Sunday was pretty slow and lazy. Most of the day was spent on the couch watching movies and cuddling with Dorian.
One of these days I figure out his schedule, beyond eating every three hours, and fit some sewing in. Maybe

Take care, Brandie


Carrie P. said...

20 times a day. yep! I can see why you are so busy with that sweet little kitty. so glad to hear he is doing better after the vet got hold of him
Sounds like the shower was interesting!lol

Anonymous said...

He is soooo cute. I'm glad he got a clean bill of health from the vet, even though he had to go through unspeakable things to get it.

paulette said...

I guess Dorian was missing his mama!! too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

Jean(ie) said...

I think you're a mom again! I think if you have hubby help feed while in your lap, it might de-sensitize "dad" to Dorian. Maybe. i'm not a cat expert, but it's a start!

I think it's sweet that you've taken him in. You're a good momma kitty.

sunny said...

He's starting to look like a kitten! Did the vet help with his elimination (lack of) problem?

Robin said...

Wow, his ears are up!! Oh he is just the CUTEST little thing!! He certainly knows his mommy and was not having a day with daddy babysitting, huh?

Glad she liked the shams and especially the Not Tonight pillow. I can sorta empathize with her with some of the raunchy lingerie - the bottoms are especially difficult to figure out which way is up!!

Lori said...

I knew your shams would be a hit!!!

Carla said...

Glad she liked them and you really are Mamma to that kitten : )

Linda said...

I have been loving every post and photo of Dorian. Oh my so sweet!!!! What a bundle of love and joy!!!!!!!!!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Ah, Brandie! I am so excited to see all these sweet blog posts about Mr. D. tiny little pal that he is! What a lot of work but so worth it! Wanna sew on Friday at Morning Star? I think it's a sew day!