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Friday, July 13, 2012

Two Weeks Old

 Dorian is two weeks old today!
 The one picture I have to show that he isn't all gray. There is a tiny dot of white in his adams apple area.
 This a playtime pose. He rolls onto his back and kicks his feet at me. Sometimes he grabs my finger and bites it. It's all a bit of fun and games for him.
He fell asleep like this last night. He played so hard he put himself to sleep.
Still no results from his new formula, but we are still hoping. He may have to go into see the vet. They'll let me know when I call them from an update.  Keep your fingers crossed!

In the sewing world, I finally finished a dress for a friend of mine. A couple of years ago, she entrusted me with some of her Mother's favorite Saris. I've been afraid to cut into them and ruin the fabric. But then I thought why not repurpose them into a summer dress?
 So cut into it I did. And of course I forgot to take a before picture, but the picture below is as close to what this summer dress was before, just a different color.
Both of these special outfits have fancy beading. They have a weight to the edge which helps them hang well.
They are both so beautiful I've spent years being afraid of them. But I will see this friend this weekend at my cousin's Shower and I wanted to surprise her.
Do you think I'll surprise her? At least in a good way?

Have a great weekend and keep cool!
I'll be back next week to update you on Dorian and the Shower.

Take care, Brandie


Lori said...

I'm sure your friend will be pleasantly surprised! The dresses are lovely!!
Go Dorian!!

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Just love that little round's just begging to be tickled. Have you tried massaging that little belly and a really rough dampened washcloth to imitate mamas sandpaper tongue on that little hiney? I'm sure you have...wonder if a little touch of veggie oil would lube him up. As I recall my kitten formula recipe has a touch of veggie oil in it. Might even try to top off his feedings with some plain water. Moisture will aid in getting stuff to pass. Too bad they don't make kitten size glycerin suppositories!

Jean(ie) said...

OOh, a little grey tuxie boy. How cute! I love the repurposed dress! It's beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend.

Robin said...

Brandie, you did a GREAT job on that dress! How scary to cut into it and how brave you and LOOK HOW WELL YOU DID!!

YAYYYY for Dorian!! Please keep us posted. The poor little thing!! Nancie Anne's thoughts sound right-on. Have you called the vet? I'm sure you've thought of everything. I'm just afraid something might rupture if he doesn't go soon...

Sammy said...

Sari fabric could be challanging to work with, however , you did a wonderful job. I lovvveee the blue dress it is beautiful Brandie, actually it is as cute as your cat as well... Lol...lots of loves to you and the kiiten.

JustPam said...

When you say no results, do you mean no poo? If that is what you mean, the mama cats lick the babies to stimulate them to poo. You may try washing with a damp cloth to see if that helps.

LynCC said...

Brandie, these are gorgeous transformations - she'll love them! And doesn't Dorian have the sweetest face? :)