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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hexie B.O.W

 What's a hexie BOW? A block of the week hexie project.
I saw this beautiful hexie quilt over at Carla's. She was doing these gorgeous hexies and they were all different. They were amazing! I begged Carla to tell were I could get the pattern and she told me that her boss was designing them.
So I called her boss Katja and she was kind enough to sign me up on this hexie of the week group. I was so excited!
Then I got half the patterns and I was stumped for a color scheme. Any one who knows me knows this is one of my faults, I'm a creature of habit and color challenged.
Seeing Carla's hexies, I wanted to do her colors, but those are just not in my stash. So I thought, why not go with my favorite color, So I did.  That first hexie, I re-did it 3 times before settling. Who knows, I may redo it again and again.
 Then I moved on to the second hexie and I have to say, I like this one, a lot, so it stays the way it is.
 Then the third. I love this one!
So I'm just going to keep on and continue in scrappy reds.
I may add a plain hexie between each of these to tone it down. But I have several weeks to make that decision.
Between kitten feedings and chores, These may take awhile...

Dorian must be going through a growth spurt. He's finishing 3 bottles a day. He also woke up at 5 am this morning, which means I was up to feed him. Now I'm for my game and totally disorganized.
He has also been biting, if you can call it biting when you have no teeth. He thinks my fingers are for chewing on and how can I resist such a cute little thing?

Take care, Brandie


Heather said...

OK, I'm hooked. I love these hexies and a BOW sounds perfect. What size are the finished hexagons, measured by one side edge?

Createology said...

How sweet Dorian is. Very loving of you and hubby to take care of this cute grey kitty.
Your blocks are fabulous. I love the reds you are working with. Sweet Kitty Hugs...

Sharon said...

What? no kitty photo today? :-) Those hexis look soooo cute, is there a destination or just a journey with these?

Jo said...

Lucky you to get in on this one. Love your hexies in red and whites.
Careful, once Dorian gets those pin point sharp baby teeth he may not be so cute ;0) oh wait, we are used to pins :0D

Carla said...

They are fabulous Brandie! Red and white is so classic. The quilt will be amazing. You kitty is very cute too. Glad he made it

M and M plus 3 said...

Love them!!!But WAIT, I love everything you work on. Ok, so now where is Dorian's picture here? We want to see him grow my friend. I'm up early and headed out the door to the fairgrounds to horse sit while Miss Em is on her 2nd day of work. Enjoy your day.

Jean(ie) said...

Love the hexies! Oh Dorian's being a good eater... Yay!

Katja said...

Brandie, your hexagons are looking beautiful!
Thank you for the mention, Katja

Katja said...

I love the direction you are going with your Hex-a-thon blocks. Lovely!
Thank you for the mention,