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Friday, July 27, 2012

Four Weeks!

 After an hour of introductions, both Maximus and Dorian needed a nap. And where better than the dog bed.
The look on poor Max's face is priceless. He looks as if he knows there is a monster behind him but he's doing his best to ignore it.
 Until that monster touched him!
Dorian has made himself right at home and Max is really not sure what to think of him. Max does not understand this need to roll around on the floor and pock with his toes.
 Dorian receives daily kisses and raspberries on his tummy, which don't work, but he likes the warm air on his tummy.
 There was also an introduction between Myrtle the turtle and Dorian.  Myrtle seems very interested in his tail.

After a weigh-in this morning, I thought the scale was broken because all I saw was 3 1/3 ounces. Finally I saw that there was a 1 in front of that. Good job Dorian! Four more weeks and I can breathe easier and not worry as much about him.
We are going to try to celebrate with some solid food later today, but so far he doesn't seem at all interested. He still wants to be a baby and use his bottle. You would think with two extra hands he could hold it for himself!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you all next week!
Take care, Brandie


paulette said...

The pic of you and Dorian says it all!! Ahhhhh....

Jean(ie) said...

Love the pic of you with your baby gray boy...

Linda said...

The pic of you and Dorian is precious!!!! So much love!!! I love all his pics, especially in the dog bed. I think Sarge can empathize with Maximus!! LOL!

Kristi said...

lol....great pictures. Such an adorable little ball of fur!!

Robin said...

That pic Maximus, the one where he's trying to ignore Dorian, is hilarious...look at his eye, LOL. But my favorite is the pic with you and Dorian. What a special baby he is!! Your updates and pictures make my day each time. Have a great weekend!

sunny said...

He's doing great, and I'm glad the rest of the family getting to know him. I've been afraid to ask, but what do you think happened to his mother and his siblings?