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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Special Girls B-Day

This is my niece, who was luck enough to be born on New Years Day. Today we will be celebrating with her.
Last night Nichole and I made homemade cannelloni. We brought in the New Year with pasta. We made 2 different kinds. One with a meat filling and tomato sauce and one with ricotta and seafood.
It is very exciting to see the noodle come out of the machine.
This was my first time to make a filled pasta. I'm not an expert, so I made up my own way to do this.
The meat filled, after baking. I was so impressed with the way they looked after being cooked.
The ricotta filled, after baking. Again, isn't it pretty?
Plated, with scallops and shrimp on top. YUMMY! I will definitely be doing this again. Nichole and I thought the seafood cannelloni was the best.
Even with cleanup, I was bed by 10:30.
What do you all do last night? Let me know if you had a big party or were you like me and home in bed before midnight.
Take care and Happy 2010, Brandie


ranette said...

Cute picture of your niece.

Is there nothing you can't do...homemade pasta??? oh yum it looks so good! My mouth is watering as I type

Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

The pic of your niece is darling and the food looks yummy. We had an enjoyable dinner at Morton's, drank champagne, and were in bed by midnight. We waited for the ball to drop and then lights out!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Wow I really want a plate of that food Brandie! That photo of your little New Year's Niece is sweet as can be! We played Catch Phrase with our neighbors in the late afternoon while drinking champagne and then went out to Chinese food. Came home and spent the rest of the evening happily reading and watching tv and then at 12 had phone calls from my daughters (a family tradition!) and banged on the pots and pans for a few minutes and called in the New Year! WooHoo!