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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do you remember the little pic I teased you with? This is the finished project. I made 2 exactly the same, but have only seen one model. I had bought this fleece years ago and had just enough for to make jackets for the younger girls.
I really need grandchildren. Next I will be make clothes for complete strangers children. Maybe I should start making clothes for my future grandchildren, I've already bought clothes for them, this wouldn't be much different, right?
Tonight is girls night with the cousins. We are going to see "It's Complicated". I'm hoping that the preview haven't shown all the good parts.
Have a great weekend, Brandie


Jodie said...

What a cute little jacket Brandie... You definitely need grandchildren... LOL!!! Or you could always sew childrens clothes and sell them at markets if you loc=ve doing it that much, something to think about I guess..

Jodie.. :)

Michele Hill said...

HI Brandie, Thanks for stopping by my place as well! LOVE the jacket - have you seen the book by Gail Doane called 'Cute as a Button'? It is full of the most divine chldren's wool jackets embellished with embroidery. Maybe we need to start a 'grandies glory box'!!

ranette said...

Very cute jacket and very cute cutie pie!

Was the movie good?

Nanette Merrill said...

My gosh that is just so sweet. The jacket and the model!