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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A scrappy finish

After spending 2 hours at the DMV yesterday, I finally got back to quilting. And I finished "Swiss and provolone on toast". Hurray another finish. Unfortunately, this was not on my UFO list, but I still finished it and I'm thrilled. The simple quilting really makes the cheese squares pop. My husband walked by it this morning and called it cheese puff. Made me laugh, so I might start called it that also. I made it big enough for a baby and I did say I might give it to my niece, but I really like it and I think I will keep it for my first grandson. Someday I should have one, so why not start planning now.
Looks like we will have another day of sunshine. Nothing like sun to lift the winter blues, specially before another storm.
Take care, Brandie


Lori said...

Cheese puff!? LOL I love the name and your quilt looks great! Nice job!

Sue-Anne said...

I love the blues and yellows in your quilt. Its been great seeing all the different interpretations.

Karen said...

I stopped by to take a peek at your version of Lori's quilt pattern. Very well done!

Taryn said...

Congratulations on finishing your quilt so quickly. It looks great.