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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ah-choo !

Last night I felt a head cold coming on. I took Nyquil, turned on the bed warmer, fell asleep and woke up feeling worse.
Today I have the use of 1 nostril, my teeth hurt, my ears hurt and my body feels like a bag of cement. My whole head is plugged and nothing is coming out. I haven't decided if having snot is better or worse. At least I would feel more productive if my head produced snot.
Sorry that was gross. Forgive me, I don't feel good.

If I feel better, I will continue quilting the green silk and linen. So far I have only cross-hatched most of the top. I have high hopes of returning good health. I've been up for hours and every hour I feel a little better. I'm hoping by noon, I'll have the energy to sit at my machine.
Take care, Brandie

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ranette said...

Brandie I hope you are feeling better by now. Head colds are the worst!