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Monday, January 18, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

That pear quilt that you see in the header, has started a whole new obsession.
I made the comment that cousin Nikki's pear would look great with my quilt. Well she showed up one night and insisting that I have her pear. We finally came to an agreement that I would take custody of the pear for a little while. Maybe when I get tired of the quilt, they can both go live at her house.
And of course, there are also babies. My son bought me a marble pear bookend at Barnes and Noble. And cousin Linda bought me an onyx pear for Christmas.
They all live on the same shelf, next to the quilt. But I'm not collecting pears! But I must say, they do look wonderful with the quilt.

Can you believe I've done 80 posts? Wow, it seems like I've only just started blogging. Just letting you all know that fro the 100 post, I'll be having a give-away.
Take care, Brandie

1 comment:

ranette said...

I like the pears...I've been thinking about getting some of those red pears from Hobby Lobby to put in a glass dome thingy on my table. I put lemons in it sometimes.

I also have to be careful what I say or my Mom will start me a new collection before I know