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Monday, January 25, 2010

Old books, new inspiration

This weekend, my MIL found this great book. What am I going to to with it?

Well looking through this book my MIL thought I would like it to make a quilt pattern. (She was at our home once, while I took pictures of a marble floor, off a TV show. Sounds crazy, but it would make a beautiful quilt.) So when see saw this book, she thought of me.
And she was right. Look at this quilt patterns or just quilting motifs. This book has it all. Sorry about the flash glare.
A medallion in the middle of a quilt? Can you see it? Or enlarge it and it can be a huge bed quilt. So many possibilities, so little time. Patterns can be found almost anywhere, we just have to be looking for them.

Take care, Brandie

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