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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More From Grandma's Stash

The other day I found this. Yup, in Grandma's lace box. I asked myself what it was.
Then I went to "that chain" and found the modern version of the same stuff. Snap tape, perfect for baby clothes.
You know where this is heading and you all know what I need, Right? (not a lobotomy)
Which leads to baby clothes! Duh! We all know I need one, a grandchild, that is.
I wanted something to practice using that tape and to practice tucks.
See, teeny tiny tucks, baby tucks. I highlighted them in that "Gucci" pink thread. Yeah, still working on that thread.
The back of the dress. Only difference is that there is more buttons and it has a seam.

I also worked on the bodice of the Queen dress a bit, but it was really hard to see how it looked without a model. So I'll wait till another time to show you. But I do have to say, it's looking good (as good as an old sheet can look).
Take care, Brandie

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Linda said...

What a darling little dress. Precious. It looks like a Christening gown similar to the one my husband was given by his grandmother. Well, without the pink buttons, but it was pretty feminine for a boy. :-) We used it for Alyssa and Elaina wore mine.