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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Distraction Needed

Just a little something to brighten a gloomy day. I don't know about your weather, but it's not pretty here. This picture was taken on Sunday which was a beautiful sunny day. It was nice to have a reprieve from winter. Now it's time for winter to continue and I'm going to stop complaining about it.
I have been working on some applique, but I'm waiting to finish it up before the reveal.
I also have yards and yards of fabric to iron and I hate ironing! But I must persevere and continue on so that I can finish the "Queen" dress.
Tell me what you are doing so that I can be distracted from my chores (ironing). Certainly you are doing something much more exciting than I am. Please distract me!

Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

Thanks! Made my day to see that beautiful yellow!!

debbie said...

You have a wonderful eye in your photography. Thanks for the sunshine, sunshine :o)
We're supposed to have lovely weather this weekend so I'm trying to get my chores and running done now. I'll make you feel better with my list of chores; Take garbage to the convenience center, pick up flea stuff at the vet, pick up my meds, read the email from my lqs and stop by to reward myself for doing my chores like a good girl, then come home and finish putting a charity top's just squares and the rows have been together for 5 weeks (crowding my design wall).
I hope to do some wood carving this weekend (too many hobbies). It's the board above our front door. I told mr that he had to make another one the same size, because I'm taking this one with me if we ever sell this house!