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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Directional Fabric?

How was everyone weekend? Did you get any quilting accomplished? Or did you have one of the relaxing days?
Mine was kind of both. Not that I got any quilting done, but I did sew. I also had to clean house. After 2 days of snow, the house was a mess. Mud always finds it way inside even if the boys take their shoes off at the door. It just travels and leave a huge mess! And all the extra laundry! I really don't like snow days!
So back to the sewing. I cut into the real fabric for the "queen" dress. It was a nerve racking experience! I was afraid the I would make a mistake and waste her fabric. So far so good?
I started this project with a old sheet. I cut the pattern pieces out of the old sheet to fit my "queen" perfectly. It ain't pretty, but here it is. The front view.
Front view of the real fabric. It doesn't look like much now, but after the beautiful buttons and more piping, I hope it stands on it's own. I kind of freaked out at one point, because I started looking at the fabric and thought I had the fabric upside down. I still don't know, but my Husband thinks this is right side up. I'm just going to have to let it go. I can't redo the entire bodice, so... I meant to do it this way! Besides, are there top and bottoms of fabric? As long as all the fabric goes in the same direction I'm fine. Right? I guess I'm still kind of concerned it's upside down. Please let me know what you think.
This is the back side. We have added a little skirt and maybe(?) some lacy ruffles.
Backside with the piping. Not too impressive, yet.
One of the sleeves. These have been giving me more problems. Finding the right spot isn't easy. I had to wait for my "queen" to model the bodice to get the sleeve just right.
(I wrote notes on the sheet bodice, so just ignore and blue you see)
The real sleeve. She liked the look of an open pleat, so this is pinned open. If you look closely, you see the yard of piping in the sleeve. Good thing I like piping, because I've already added 5 yards to the bodice and will probably add 4 more yards. I used a very petite piping. I didn't want it to be the focus.
Last night I added pleats to the skirt. A little over 3 yards of fabric pleated into the waistband. Next on my agenda is the lower half of the skirt. That will be 6 yards of fabric to pleat. Good thing I like pleats too!
So let me know what you think about the fabric being right side up or upside down. I really need to feel like I did it right, or I need to go replace her fabric.
Worried in Paradise,


Chocolate Cat said...

You are so brave to cut into 'the' fabric!!! I'm sure its the right way up, is there a wrong way??? It looks great, keep showing as you do more!

Linda said...

I swear you are SO talented! I would be in the corner crying if I attempted to do what you are doing! It's looking so beautiful already! I DO think the fabric is right too.

debbie said...

I think it's right side up. I like the way the design swoops down in scallops. It looks like you are doing an amazing job! You are brave and talented. Piping, eeek!

Wilma NC said...

I could never sew stuff like you do!!!

Carrie P. said...

I am very impressed with you sewing skills. What detailed things you are working on. The skirt if fantastic.
And that butterfly, Awesome. You are so talented.