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Thursday, February 17, 2011


It was our small group get together last night. We all had fun and boy did we have a couple of funny conversations! Does everyone out there know what a "merkin" is? Well our small group does now! Your goal today is to see if you can drop "merkin" into any conversation. I dare you!

That wasn't all we did. Some were doing binding. Some of us were cutting out fabric and one of us brought a show and tell.
Sue found this beautiful old quilt under an old blanket at her parents home. How's that for a wonderful surprise?! These fans are made from many different fabrics. There is velvet, maybe tie fabrics, wools and even some polyester.
Every one of those fans had a different stitch around them. I took a couple of picture to show you.

It's a beautiful quilt and Sue is a lucky girl!

I put off that ironing till yesterday. I know I hate it and now I remember why. In the middle of ironing, I needed up with a crick in my back. I still feel a little of it this morning. Makes me walk funny! I feel as is one leg is shorter than the other.
But the good news is, I did iron all but about 3 yards. I also cut out the entire skirt (11 yards!) and started on the bodice. I will be taking more picture to show you the process. But you'll have to wait till next week. Today I'm going to curly up with the dog and try to stay warm. I guess the weather man wasn't lying when he predicted snow. It snow late last night. Thank goodness the rain came this morning to wash it all away! But it's still a yucky, yucky day!
Take care, Brandie


ranette said...

I hate to tell you this Brandie, but we've got sunny skies and it's supposed to be in the upper 70's today...Woot! Last week this time it was 10 to love Oklahoma!

Well I will use the term merkin today, with one of my girls. I got a big laugh when I clicked on the link...still chuckling!

The fan quilt is awesome and I'm green with envy...not really, I'm actually happy for Sue, I guess :)

Can't wait to see your progress and I hate ironing too!

Anita said...

oh my word, that's hilarious! I want to come play with your group, they have too much fun. We had a bit of snow last night after horrible winds but the wind is gone and the sun is shining through the clouds so hopefully the snow won't last long and we can get back to that early spring P.Phil promised.

Lynn said...

Hi Brandie,
Thank you so much for listing my blog on your site. Did you know that I am from Paradise? I moved there with my family in 1952. Graduated from Paradise High in 1970 and went on to Chico State. My first pattern design is called The House on Edgewood in the Edgewood Lane in Paradise. My grandparents lived on Central Park and my grandmother lived on Oakwood Lane. It was a wonderful time and place to spend my youth. I love Paradise and still own our old home on Maxwell Drive. It's a small quilting world...isn't it! I'm going to be enjoying your blog....merkins and all. There, I used it in a sentence!

Lori said...

It sounds like your group knows how to have a good time!!

What a fantastic fan quilt!!

Diamant said...

Was most interested to see the mention of different fabrics. The other day I picked up a small piece of fabric which was described as a Sari trim. Lovely embroidery on it and will make a few interesting patches for a quilt. Not cotton of course, which is all that the quilt shops sell.
Am now wondering how to drop your "word for the day" into the conversation at my regular sewing group. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. I think it will last all day.

Linda said...

Fun group! I have no clue of what a merkin is or what you are talking about. Will have to look into it!! Not a fan of ironing, myself! I'm always so relieved when it's done. Love the fan quilt! What a treasure!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Catching up with you Brandie. You're doing some great work! I love love this quilt.