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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to Normal

My machine is back to normal. This is what it usually looks like, if not worse. Is this better Linda? It's not too clean now!
Why is it sooo dirty? I've been working with red corduroy and apparently, it's messy.
Yep, still at it. Still practicing with that snap tape.
This time on some little boy dungarees. Ain't they cute? The only thing left to do is button holes. But my second best machine (which makes the best button holes) is with my Daughter.
When it is returned, I'll be able to finish this little guys up.
I had so much fun making these, I've already cut out a second pair. That's how cute these are!
Take care, Brandie

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Linda said...

LOL!! Yes, much better! That looks pretty normal to me! I should post a pic of what my machine looks like after a weekend of sewing with those brushed cotton homespuns. OMG, overalls are so darling!! There's nothing like overalls on little ones. They always looks so sweet! You really whipped those out fast!! :-)