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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ways have gone awry

Yesterday I had these grandiose plans to pin the Homey Bunny quilt. I guess I should have checked to make sure I had all my supplies. I usually buy my batting, warm and natural, 10 yards at a time. I keep that roll in my closet. Well you can guess what happened. What was left, was about 6 inches too narrow.
So I had to start something new. And of course I had problems with that also. My printer ran out of light magenta ink and it won't let me enlarge in black and white. ARGGGGG!
But I pressed on. Do you remember this? My brown bag challenge with the ugly fabrics?

I started a couple of blocks. Sorry, I can't show you more. I don't want spoil the surprise.
In both blocks I've used the mushroom fabric. In the bottom block I used some of that puke fabric. It doesn't look so bad as a leaf.
Have a wonderful day ladies. Maybe tomorrow I'll have my quilt pined. Keep your fingers crossed.

Take care, Brandie

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