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Friday, September 24, 2010

Them Bones

In the back of that magazine, Create & Decorate, there was a recipe for "apple crisp bars". I gave it a whirl and a spin and this is what came out. I used my homemade applesauce and layered it in the bars. They came out oh so gooey and cinnamony. Delicious! I think you should give the recipe a try, specially if you have a surplus of apples to use up.
Last week I had ordered these bloody bones candy for Halloween. They inspired me to make my own bones.
So I started small and worked my way to the big bones. Just so you know, I'm no artist or even a DR. but I think we can all recognize a bone when we see one.

Then I moved on the the femur. They were a little more complicated. I was having problems keeping them from looking like a male member, if you know what I mean.
I used this great, light weight foam. I found mine a "Michael's", after much searching. Our store is moving into a bigger place and so the current store was half full with many, many empty racks. But the good news is that the new store opens October 1. I think I'll be at the door waiting. I'm very excited about this as the old store, is very much out of my way and the new store is next door to our "Barnes and Noble", which we visit on a weekly basis. Boy, that was a mouthful!
So if you're feeling like an anatomy lesson, Google femurs and such and make a batch of bones. Just be careful how you Google that!
By the way, I heard back from a few of you about those coasters. Maybe next week we'll have a show and tell. Just don't get carpal tunnel from making too many!
Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!


Kim said...

LOVE your bones! Stop tempting me! LOL!

Lee said...

So many fall/halloween ideas! Thanks - LOVE the pumking coasters - I am going to try to make some.

Anonymous said...

nice bones there auntie!

Chocolate Cat said...

Hi the first time I have visited your blog and I will certainly stop by again! Those apple crisp bars look delicious!