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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clean Closets, a good thing

Yesterday I felt like I accomplished quite a bit. Not only did I get some sewing done, I cleaned out a couple of closets and did some yard work. I don't know about you, but when I can check things off my list, it makes me Happy. Now if only I could gather the strength and the courage to clean out my shed! I think I was inspired to clean up by my Pack Rat of a Daughter. I have always believed that everything has a place, and if it doesn't, you need to ask yourself how badly you need it. But we all have to live with someone else and they don't always think or believe the way you do. Hence, messy closets.
I did manage to get about half of the stitching in the ditch done on the "Homey Bunnies". But I won't subject you to looking at it one more time as it looks just the same, except for the sandwich and thread. I'm still thinking on a quilting motif around the outside border. I'm doing something simple in the middle of the quilt, so it doesn't take away from the applique.
Also today, I'm going to try to get some Halloween bags made for all the new additions to my family.

Apparently, if you wait to long, everyone else buys the really cute Halloween fabric. So this was all that they had left, that I liked. So tomorrow, you'll see these fabrics worked into bags.

Weather channel says it might rain here today, another reason to be sewing.

Take care, Brandie


Anonymous said...

That fabric is super cute!

Lee said...

Love the spider fabric. Cant wait to see your bags.

Diane H said...

Your going to have to make a lot of bags - seems there have been quite a few additions posted here lately! How come there's no food here today? LOL