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Friday, September 3, 2010

You found a What?

I live a very rural area. It is not uncommon to have wild life in our front or back yard. My end of town is near a canyon where most of the animals come for, and others just decide to make our yard home.
Yesterday I was so worried that I wouldn't have anything to show, again. I had many errands and I felt like I was home for a minute and then I was off again. One of days when you just wish the earth would stop rotating, just so you could catch a breath. I must have visited every store or shop in our town (a slight exaggeration) and every gas station. The gas station part is true. Apparently at my normal station, the power had gone out and so they were turning us all away. Arggg! I had waited till I was on "E" and I was afraid to cross town to the other station and to top that, I left my cell phone at home, on the charger.
So After hours of running around and shopping, I arrived back to my clean house. I was carrying groceries through the dining when I spotted a bankers box on my buffet table. I mumbled something about "those boys!" and looked inside.
Let me tell you I was not prepared for what I saw. A turtle?! Now I'm not scared of turtles but that didn't stop me from screaming. I assumed the boys just had paper work or something normal. Not a live critter.
Well if I had my cell phone I would have known all about it. Apparently Hubby was walking between the house and his offices (converted garage) when he nudged a "rock" and almost kicked it out of the way. He than noticed it was moving, so he picked it up and caught himself a turtle.

This is "Lucky". On yet another trip, I took it to the pet store and was told it was a "red eared slider" and a female. They didn't think she had been outside too long as she wasn't under nourished. Her shell was a little sun bleached but she has no chips or cracks or damage of any kind. Where did she come from? We have no idea. Where did that "Dog Who Lives Outside" come from? We don't know. Maybe we have animal signs around our yards that communicate "Food and Love". You know, like the hobo's use to use.

We put up more signs, the last signs didn't do any good, but hopefully we will find Lucky's people, or she's just part of our family now.

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend. See you all next week!

Take care, Brandie

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