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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old to New

When my Grandmother passed away, we had to have an estate sale. All the family members pitched in to help. Our goal was to find homes for all of Grandma's treasures. You see, Grandma was a collector. She had many collections and came from a time when everything was useful. Even to this day, my Aunt who inherited the house, still finds things to bring me. Mostly sewing items. Unfortunately, I seemed to have inherited that same gene. I feel that everything must have a use and it's hard to get rid of some things. Take these mirrors...
I brought them home from said mentioned estate sale. We didn't sell them and I thought they were kind of neat, so into my car they went. Then into my storage unit they went. Till yesterday, I knew if I just thought hard enough I'd come up with an idea.
As I was cleaning one of the mirrors, the back fell off. Can you see what that date says? July 11, 1928. WOW! Grandma had these in her basement and nobody knows the story. If only the mirror could tell us it's story.
After the first cleaning. You can see the difference between the two mirrors, just ignore everything else. By the way, the cracks you see, are in the mirror, not my ceiling, but they would look good for Halloween.
So I took this poor sad, flaking mirror and turned it into a Halloween decoration. If I change my mind later, I can just scrape the paint off.
And just so you know, taking pictures of mirrors is not easy! I had a very hard time. If I wasn't in the pic, then there was some other problem. Arggg!
So if you have a mirror or you're lucky enough to have an old window hanging around, paint it up for the season. Just pull out the acrylic paints and have a go.
Take care, Brandie


Lizzie said...

Brilliant! Those mirrors are wonderful. So many great uses. Lizzie

Diane H said...

Fantastic - you really are a creative genius! Love your ideas, Brandie.

Lee said...

I agree w/ Diane - creative genius. Thanks for more ideas!

Kim said...

Cool idea!

ranette said...

Great idea!!!