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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Thank you all who had suggestions for the quilting. I took your advice and did not remove and of the feathers. Instead I pressed on. And looky here. Doesn't this look Oh SO much better?

I just came back and filled in some of the blank areas with...more feathers. What a great idea! Free form feathers are very liberating. I just need to remember to let my mind go blank and just do it. I need to stop my brain from taking over and just do it! Let my hands do the work.
After I had a talk to my head and hands, I think the quilting went much smoother. Now I just have to finish the other 2 corners. I'm so close I can feel it. Today is my small group get together, so hopefully I'll get much accomplished!

I just want to share some cuteness with you. A couple of weeks ago I had order some fabric. Well after being back ordered, it finally arrived. This is probably not new to any of you. It came out a year or so ago. When I first saw it in a catalog, I knew I needed so. But when I ordered it then, they were out so I figured that I didn't really need it. But now I might need it. You never know.

My cousin and I used to play with her Mom's paper dolls. So when I saw this fabric, I thought of her and I still do. One of these days she may get married and have a little girl and when she does, I'll have the perfect fabric to make a quilt out of. So this will be added to my stash, just for Cindy.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday,

Take care, Brandie


Lori said...

I love the quilting and yes, I agree with you, that you can't overthink it.
What cute fabric!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! do you do quilting for others? Lizz