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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Tree House

This weekend was a long and tiresome one. We all pitched in and help my Daughter move. It wasn't fun! She has moved into a studio, that is above an older house, meaning 12 foot ceilings, translated to many, many stairs. Her landlord called it "The Tree House". Unfortunately I didn't get as many pics as I wanted and I forgot to go back and take more after the move was complete. All I have to say is, That girl is a Pack Rat! This is a view of her deck, going down.

We rented a U-haul and we still left some things behind. She will have to pick up these things later.
Granted, we didn't fill the truck, but we came pretty close. She has been collecting several antique pieces over the years. I was making sure that there wasn't boxes all over them. otherwise we could have packed the truck even more.

So this is the main room, also know as the living room / bedroom. Tiled floors and large windows to let in a lot of light.
This strange little green room is or was the stairs to the house. She came by yesterday to relieve me of a 3/4 used can of paint and painting supplies. She says this green has got to go!
The cute little bathroom. There is even a large built in cabinet in the bathroom. But the angle was bad so I didn't get a pic.
Across from the bathroom were more built-ins. Sorry the landlord still had stuff in our way.
And to the right of the bathroom, more built-ins. It may be small, but this place came with a lot of hidy holes. Perfect for a pack rat!

Later this week I'll try to take more pics. Hopefully she will be more moved in and you all won't have to look at her boxes. I'm just glad it's over. I still have sore calf's from all those stairs, but Thankful that my back is alright! We all left that night with strong advice, "Don't move again"!

Tomorrow I'll have more sewing to sure with you. Today I'm kind of taking it easy with some quilting.

Take care, Brandie

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Lori said...

Whew! Weve been through that many times, with and without stairs! Glad you are still with us and your calves are the only thing that is sore;)