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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A bag for treats

We did finally get that predicted rain, hours later. It was a nice little shower. Just enough to get the ground wet and wet my plants. That's always nice, when there's just one less chore for me to complete.
Still working on "stitchin & ditchin", almost ready to do some actual quilting. And some mending got into that pile. What was I to do? I was using the same color thread, so I felt that I must finish my mending. What an unglamorous job! But my son loves the look of very worn jeans and every time I fix a rip, I tell him this is the last time, next time we will have to throw out these jeans. He will argue and fuss and tell me that they look better now, then they did new. Weird! But lets look at the most exciting thing I did yesterday. I finish all my bags! Hurray for me! Really they weren't that big a deal, I'm just glad to check another thing off my list.
For several years now, I've been having a BIG Halloween party. It was a good time to see everyone and it gave me an excuse to bake some goodies. And the best part was, giving away all those goodies and them not going directly to my middle. Well as you know, my own children have grow and 1 has jumped out of the nest. The other needs to be pushed, but that the worst job and I don't want it. So in this case and this case only, I may be a bad parent. I just want my Boy on his feet first.
So anyway, last year I told everyone that I was done with the party and someone else (BFF) would have to take over. Then, I received a call from my Niece and she said that they wanted to come up for our Halloween party. She'd been looking at last years posts about it and wanted to be included. So of course I very joyed and started planning and letting everyone know. And now we all just have to wait till the end of October. But I'm getting ready and part of that is the treat bags. As you can see, I have one for Parker and Hailey.

And my twin nieces, Harley and Kimber.
Last night my SIL called and asked me to go with her and the girls to take pictures. I'm so excited, because I haven't seen the girls in over a month. I'll try to get a pic for you all, so you can see the twins. I have been texted pics of the girls, but it's just not the same.

So I don't know how much sewing I'll get done today, but I'll be back to tomorrow with some more pics of the Bunny quilt.

Take care, Brandie


Carrie P. said...

well, you must give some fun parties. great idea for the treat bags.

Sue-Anne said...

Sounds like fun! Unfortunately Halloween is not a big deal here but I will get out my witch that I made anyway. The bags look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I am so excited about Halloween, but I feel guilty every time I remember that you were done with last's all my fault you have to do all the planning and crap. =(