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Friday, July 30, 2010


I finally finished the quilts. I was waiting for the girls to arrive to add their name and stats. Remember all the oranges? I think I added about 25 pinks and 25 oranges to each of the quilts. What did Mom say about the oranges? "You picked out some Great Oranges. They're beautiful!" So I think Mom really liked them. As you can see, I tried to make 2 quilts look like 1. I'll explain more later.
Now on to some pics. I was trying to find the most attractive picture of the girls that I can. I hope you understand. In this pic, big sister Dallas is holding Kimber, who at this is about 1 1/2 hours old. She isn't as puffy and she isn't crying.
This was Harley, yesterday, not quite 24 hours old. Her puffiness has greatly reduced from the first day. Harley has been having a few choking episodes, so she has been staying in the nursery. It doesn't seem to be serious, just scary. They think she is just sucking on her tongue.
Both girls have hair, Kimber's is dark and Harley's is light. Mom is still in town, as they won't release them all till Harley is perfectly fine.
So back to the quilts. Mom gave me these paint chips and told me what she liked about each color. At her shower, these gerber daisies were on some scrap book sheets and she really loved them. So I stole them and stuck them in my bag of paint chips. Next time I pulled it all out, I had an epiphany!

Here was a quilt. I wanted to have their quilts match, but be different. I think I achieved it.
The quilts stand on their own and together.
I may have gone a little over board with the quilting. But I did have fun! These may turn out to be my favorite quilts of all time. Of course I say that after every quilt.
Have a wonderful weekend, see you all next week.
Take care, Brandie


Anonymous said...

You amaze me, that is a wonderful idea for a quilt! I wish I had that much creativity!!! I seriously wonder where the genetics are that we share....then I remember the inherent wierdness we share. =)

ranette said...

Pretty, pretty girls...all of them. The quilts are amazing and are they hand appliqued? You continue to blow me away with all that you get done!

Diane H said...

Wow, the quilts turned out amazing! They will be loved!

Sue-Anne said...

Congratulations Brandie on the birth of your beautiful little nieces. They are so cute!

I am in awe of your baby quilts!!!! What a wonderful idea and how special for twins.

Lori said...

Two perfect quilts!! How creative!!
I hope Harley gets to leave the nursery soon.

debbie said...

Cool! simply Cool! I love the duplicity of the design. You've done it again girl :~) Hope Harley is released soon. Blessings to All

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Awww the baby! Darling projects.

Carrie P. said...

Sweet little babies. And your quilts turned out just great. I love the flower design. Paint chips are a great resource. I have used them myself for quilts.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby~
Love this twin-sided quilt~ So unique! I had my granddaughter a flower quilt, but the flowers were in squares. I like this idea~