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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More bags

Yesterday my SIL was hanging around at my house for a few, probably resting from just walking from the car to the house! She has reached that all important week, the 34th. Anytime from here on out and the babies will be born with healthy lungs and shouldn't have any lingering problems. They would be still be preemies, but healthy. Both babies are about 4.5 lbs. Still small, but they are still growing. Mom still hasn't found "that" orange color yet. I can't make the girls quilts till I have that orange. Everything has too much red or is too bright. What happened to a nice peachy-orange? Even the diaper bag is not the right colors, too bright, but at least it's better than some. Mom left with the bag, said she liked the firework side the best. Dallas and I like the stripes. But that was the nice thing about it being reversible. Every day you could change it around. With the left overs, I made my own mini bag, stripes out.

These colors are becoming my favorites. Who knows, next week I could be... I do like these colors, but I probably won't take them any farther than this bag.

I also completed one more diaper bag to sell. The blue toile was my least favorite. But after finishing the bag, I love it! The colors are beautiful together.

I think the biggest help is the robin egg blue thread that I used to stitch it up with. I think it has a tailored look.
Loving these purse zippers. I hope "that" chain gets more of them in. I only have a couple left. after looking at this bag, I've been thinking about purses. I'm not sure, but I think this would make a beautiful purse. Maybe not, maybe it's too baby colored. Well I'll just have to think on it and come up with a design.
Today is a sew day with Gail. My plan is to finish up my Aunt's aprons. She brought them (stacks of fabric) down from Spokane and I need to finish them before she heads back home.
So I'm off for the day, see you tomorrow.
Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

Brandie, I had to laugh at the Peachy-Orange comment. I have a quilt made by my Grandma Grace,and quilted by my mom. It is not the quilt Grandma made for me, that one had an accident before I got it, so my Aunt who had the rest of Grandma's tops gave mom another quilt for me and I cherrish it...except for most of my life, including when it was finally given to me...peach was one of my least favorite colors and the color of the background fabric that "holds" the scrap fabric,from what ever grandma made,together. I've learned to appreciate peach, and I adore my quilt. earlier this spring I made a trip to one of the 4 LQS near me (within 35 miles) and walked out with some awesome orange/peach/yellow/green striped fabric and about 6 other fabrics to keep them company, lol. About 5 years ago all time least favorite color...crept it's way into my stash. Funny how that happens. I hope you soon find the Peach your SIL craves. Pregnancy will do that to a girl ;o) Blessings

Lori said...

You are whipping those bags up right and left!!! I think both are cute!! As were all the others that you made this past week:)