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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Evening flowers

Yesterday evening the temperature was just right to take an evening stroll. The Hubby and I put on our walking shoes and did just that. We have had wonderful weather in the last couple of days. At our house, the outside temp never rose above 73 degrees. To me that's great weather to walk in. Our on little journey, we came across these beautiful crepe paper type flowers. Does anyone know what they are?

It's a little blurry. That flower is as big as my fist. The bush it's self is at least 15 feet tall. That thing that is in focus, is a new bud. Beautiful plant!

We also came across a small field of daises. Aren't they sweet. They are such happy looking flowers.

I did accomplish some sewing yesterday. I finished a few more "Arco" signs and a little pink eyelet dress. I'm in a dress making phase. I need a granddaughter! If my SIL didn't start me on that costume, I'd by fine right now. I'd probably be sew quilts! Maybe even finishing up those UFO's. NOPE! I'm making dresses for little girls. But I am really enjoying myself.

Tonight is guild night, and I have a goal, to round up as many people as I can to help in our quilt show next year! I'm going to be scaring people right back out the door. They'll see me coming with my notebook (Wonder Woman) and they'll run.
Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

Oh Brandie, thanks for sharing your walk. I think the white flower is a poppy, but I've not seen white ones in person. It's lovely, and daisies are one of my favorites.
I know what you mean about grandkids, but I'm not rushing my kids, just would be nice to live closer to the rest of my family so I could share the kids :)
You'll do great with the quilt show, you did an awesome job organizing the quilt!

Grandma Jean said...

I believe the flowers are Matilija Poppies.