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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good? Better?

With the rug or without? I can't decide. PugsLee would say "keep the rug", but that's only because she is a princess and won't sit on anything but soft surfaces.
Don't laugh at my petit, old kitchen. Everything works and I bet I have the oldest metal sink out there.
Have a great day!


Lori said...

I like it with the rug, but it's in the kitchen so I like it without a rug;)

Sue-Anne said...

The rug certainly brightens up the floor space and I like it, but as Lori said, it's in the kitchen so I think it is fine without it too. Not much help am I?!

debbie said...

Oh Brandie, I like your painted floor. No it's not elegant like all the new stuff out there, but it shows your house has character. My sis and grandma painted grandma's bath room floor dark green. Grandma thought it was boring and needed some thing else, so she dipped a plastic rose in soft pink paint and used it like a rubber stamp. that was about 37 years ago. My dad said it looked like a cat got in the paint tray. I loved it, granny always knew how to make something out of nothing, and something special or different out of the "everyday".
I like the looks of the rug, but I'm way messy in the kitchen and it wouldn't work for me. The fix for preventing cracks in tile on board floors is to lay Masonite and I did that in granny's kitchen.

Carrie P. said...

I like your quick fix and I like it without the rug only because that one looks like it should go in a dining room. Maybe another style rug.