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Friday, July 2, 2010

Plant identifier

Yesterday I had asked about a flower that I saw and 2 of my reader told me what the flower was. How cool is that? They are better then the flower identifier that I tried to use. So Grandma Jean and Debbie, I have another plant that I've wondered about. This is what it looked like last October. They have these red-black berries and I believe it's a "weed" in our area. I think Grandma Jean may live in my area, so she has probably seen these plants along side the road and such.
As an indigenous plant, it is quite beautiful. These plants are just coming up around town, but there are no berries till later in the year.
Remember you can click on a pic to enlarge it.
Slow going on the sewing business. I blame Mother nature. Today I'll be doing my own impression of a walnut. I'm all curled up in my chair and that's the best position to be in right now. I'm hopefully that I'll have a speedy recovery and be able to unfold myself and start taking deep breaths by this afternoon.

When I do unfold, I need to finish this super cute dress. WHERE ARE THOSE GRAND KIDS?
You all have a wonderful weekend! And a happy 4th! Oh and if you're in the area, there is to be an outdoor quilt show this Sunday, at the park across from the police station.
Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

Hey Again :) Brandie,
Yes that is a very common "weed" to most people. It's usually called Poke Weed. It is poisonous to humans, but deer will eat it (but they would rather eat your hostas). A funny story... When I was a child my dad added a basement under the front porch of our house. The wall was still bare concrete block that fall when the poke berries were very ripe and juicy. My brothers and I picked some poke berries, smashed them in a can, and painted a giant purple smiley face on the wall. We knew they were poisonous and were very carefull not to get any plant juice on ourselves. Yes it was permanent, but the red marks on my bottom from the spanking went away in just a few minutes. My cousin has a pic of me and my brothers infront of our smiley...wish I had a copy to show you. BTW, I got the beginning of my plant knowledge from my mom, but for the last 14 years have worked with the Dept. Of Ag. as a Master Gardener volunteer, and get much of my info from them.

Carrie P. said...

Happy 4th to you. I do believe Debbie is right about your mystery plant.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, and congrats I see you are a winner over at Freda's hive.