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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend report

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It feels as if our weekend was extra long. The Hubby got Monday off as well and now I feel confused. Last night I went to take the trash to the road and remembered that it was only Monday. But maybe that has more to do with the harsh way Mother Nature treated me this weekend.

After a heavy dose of any pain reliever, I did get out to help Cousin Linda celebrate her B-Day. We went to one of our favorite restaurants and shopping. Cousin Nikki has only just gotten home from her honeymoon, but she was too busy and couldn't make it. We missed her and I would love to hear about her trip. So we are going to have to do this again.
Anyway, back to the food. Doesn't my udon soup look beautiful? It was full of noddles and veggies.
And look what I had to go with it. Yummy!
I was a fun night, even medicated. After dinner we went shopping and we picked up a couple of needful things. I was a drag that night. In fact I was a drag all weekend. Mother Nature has not been kind to me. I must have really pissed her off! We had a family picnic Saturday and I spent most of it holding my breath or moaning in my chair. Sunday I spent the day curled up on the couch or sleeping. Yesterday was a little better, I wore pants! To me that was a huge improvement. Now if only I knew how can get back into good graces with Mother Nature.
I hope you all had a great weekend. If you didn't post about it, tell me. I what to hear it all, the good, bad and the ugly.
Take care, Brandie


Carrie P. said...

so sorry you are not feeling well. get better.

debbie m said...

Hope you are feeling better this week. I know how it feels to be sick on special days when you should be playing and celebrating. I had a mild flu a few weeks ago on my birthday. I think the worst part was my throat was so raw I couldn't talk...and I love to talk, lol. Blessings