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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Their Here! The twins have arrived! Yesterday my SIL's water broke at 4:30 am. She then took the time to put on make-up, take out the trash and put an up-date on Facebook, about her status. Then they drove up here (at least an hour of driving) and checked into the hospital.
Kimber Love (4lbs 140zs.) was the first to arrive at 7:30 pm and sister Harley Grace (5lbs 2ozs.), followed an hour later. Both girls and Mom are doing fine. Mom was hungry and tired, but very happy.

Bigger sister Dallas is holding Kimber's hand, while we wait to meet Harley. This is the second time I've witnessed a birth, if you call keeping my head turned away most of the time. Both have been with my SIL and I'll never forget the gift she gave me. I'm still a little traumatized, but the fact that the babies are here and safe, I'll get over it soon. I could never be a nurse, I can't stand to see a person in pain and I wanted to go over there and get those babies out of Mom, just to ease her pain. I'd make a horrible nurse! I thrilled to be an Aunt again. They are so tiny and beautiful. Tiny gifts from heaven.

Have a great day!

Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of the girls! I like the names too. The picture is awesome, more than awesome, a perfect snapshot of newness and love.
Blessings :o)

Marieke ( said...

Congartulations! Great, isn;t it: to see those tiny human beings? Enjoy!

Diane H said...

Wow! Congratulations Auntie! FYI Really cute free baby quilt pattern at

Lori said...

Congratulations to the happy new family! And auntie!!!

Michele said...

How wonderful! Congratulations to all concerned. I hope to see more photos of the darlings later on. Michele

ranette said...

Oh how exciting!!! Congrats to all...especially the big sister.