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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Suprises in a Suitcase

Well as usual, I should talk about what I did, not what I want to do. We all know how that is. I imagine finishing a quilt a day and that never happens.
So I will tell you only what I did do, no more of this "what I want to do". Also I realize that most of the lists, are only in my head and that you all are not keeping track and cracking the whip on me. I just can't seem to get as much done and I want. But today is cooler, so I may accomplish something. Oh and I will get a visit from the twins big sister. Dallas is going to hang out with me today while Mommy goes to the Dr. and then goes to the hospital for a stress test. The Dr. wants Mom to take these weekly tests. To me, these test would cause stress. Sitting around hooked up to machines in the hospital, not my cup of tea. I know these tests are very important, I for one what to see Mom take it easy. Maybe the Dr. is making her do the tests just to give her a rest. Either way the time is fast approaching. And I can't wait to meet the girls.

Yesterday I had a visit from my cousin who lives in Colorado. She tries to come back to town every summer. So while they were here, I used her girls in an impromptu photo shoot. This little one is Victoria. She saw that her sister was modeling and she wanted to be part of it. I had to tighten the neck strap almost to the end, just to make the apron fit her. But she didn't care, she was the center of attention and loved it.

Don't you love her shoes? I don't think I've seen her with her shoes on the correct feet yet.

And this is Hannah. She is 4 and such a sweet girl. Her coloring is what made me ask her to model my dress. I know a brunette would look lovely in this lite pink.

Reason for my cousin's visit, other that the norm, was to bring me a suitcase, yes a suitcase, full of Saris. She has a childhood friend who wants me to use her favorite Saris in a quilt or something. She is leaving the something up to me. So in payment, I now have a suitcase full of Saris. I'm still thinking on these. My husband said "It's like cutting a diamond, you want to get the best out of it". How true! Some of these Saris are beaded, yikes! Well someday I have an epiphany and know just how to use them.
Have another wonderful day.
Take care, Brandie

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